March 23, 2009

FrancisFrancis X8 iperEspresso Machine


While you may be looking for an easier way to brew a good espresso everyday you should also take the time to check out the Francis Francis X8 iperEspresso (iperEspresso - like HyperEspresso). This capsule based machine is for illy lovers only as the only capsules that fit are illy capsules. They have several varieties (regular, dark and decaf), but you are locked into their coffee. Illy is a well regarded brand and well liked around the world. If you are considering an iperEspresso machine, also consider one of the Nespresso machines too - several design and a lot more varieties.

Illy iperCapsules
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March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring - Time to Try Something New - ESE Sampler


If you haven't experimented on different types of ESE pods, you should. The simple act of trying new varieties in your ESE compatible machine will get you thinking about what you like, and sometimes more importantly what you don't like. The "work" can help educate and refine what you taste on a daily basis, and it may just help you find a new house favorite.

At Amazon - PodMerchant Espresso Pod Super Sampler
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March 19, 2009

Gimme Coffee - Save 25% - More Info on this Great Roaster

Long time readers know that I love Gimme Coffee; Leftist Blend to be exact, and I am not alone. This acclaimed roaster from Ithaca NY has won many awards and mentions in company with some of the other top roasters/cafes in the country. Well if you want 25% off your purchase, you should check out their email newsletter, where you will get a code for 25% off your next order. Sign up, wait a few weeks, get the newsletter and jump on some great coffee.

If you want to know more about Gimme, they'll tell you, and have a few posts up on their site to get you to be an informed buyer:

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March 18, 2009

New Nespresso Capsules - Single Origin and More Lungos


The news just doesn't stop from the house of Nespresso! They are coming out with three new single origin capsules - Indriya from India, Rosabaya from Columbia and DulSao from Brazil. The Single origin coffee trend is a strong one, and clearly Nespresso saw the demand. I like trying them side by side, or sequentially to appreciate the different flavors that the regions have to offer.

Indriya - "The Arabica is lightly roasted, to allow its subtle aromas to remain. In contrast the Robusta is well roasted to allow its intensity to be expressed and to develop a full body. Moreover, very fine grinding supports the body and enhances the flavor."

Rosabaya - Notes of red fruit, suggestive of wine: black currant, cranberries and red currants.

Dulsao - Sweet notes of honey and maple syrup dominate, on a base of malted cereal.

The new Lungos that can be appreciated in a longer pull/taller shot, are the

Fortissio - "A full body and bitter base from which a note of intensely roasted grains develops, along with plant and woody notes, reinforced by a typical cereal note from the hint of Robusta."

Finezzo - "Floral Notes reminiscent of jasmine and orange blossom, and notes of the bergamot fruit."

Might have to grab a few to try out in the New Citiz unit in for review....

All new Nespresso capsules are at available once you log in at Nespresso

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March 17, 2009

Handpresso Wild - DomePod - Ground Espresso Goes Mobile


We helped to break the news on the Handpresso Wild ESE, well the folks from Handpresso are now addressing the need to take your own favorite espresso grind with you. The Handpresso Dome Pod is a new design that allows you to add your own espresso to a pod holder, pack it in an included case (up to 3 pods go with you) and make espresso from those pods while on the go.

Clean up is easy was the used espresso puck just pops out of the pod.   

Check out the video at Handpresso - just click ont eh video image on the lower right to see how it works.

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March 16, 2009

Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Machine Arrives for Review - First Impressions


Nespresso has never been short on design quality and the new Nespresso CitiZ line is a new line of slim machines that will certainly help the space starved city dwellers who still want an automatic espresso machine. The CitiZ line is launching in the US soon, and should will be offering that Nespresso convenience of brewing high quality espresso from their line of over a dozen different varieties of espresso capsules.

The design isn't just for those who live in the city, but is also reminiscent of the city skyline when you consider that the narrow, tall skyscraper was an inspiration for the design. Shown here, it is much thinner than the Nespresso Essenza that I usually crank out my coffees from. Available in eight colors, the red one is striking against the chrome accents. Look for a full review soon.

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March 11, 2009

Got Via? - First Impressions

Got my shipment of Via yesterday - a couple of boxes of the Italian Roast and the Columbian. No idea what happened to the free samples that I ordered, but I got the stuff I bought. Anyone else get their free samples in the mail? My hunch is that they got too many requests and ran out of them.

First thoughts? Thin baby, thin. This might be great on the proverbial camping trip, but wow, it's not going to substitute for a morning coffee around this house. Maybe I could use it at work where I can boost the body of my office coffee like pouring a shot of Stok into it to top it off.

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March 5, 2009

A Green Coffee Cup Sleeve


Saw this on Etsy and thought I would pass it along - a "Green" sleeve that can cut down on those paperboard sleeves that you may be using at the coffee shop. Made from burlap and a green oriented felt, these sleeves are cheap - $2 + shipping. They come in a number of colors, and are handmade by an artist here in the US.

at Etsy - Greensleeve Reusable Cup Sleeve

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March 3, 2009

Starbucks Breakfast Value Meal Development

starbuckslogo.jpgStarbucks and their image as over the top consumerism is front and center on the minds of the people trying to get you to drop a buck or four at their shops every morning. Sure the $4 latte is great, but how about a whole breakfast value meal for less than that? No, not an Egg McMuffin, but close. They are searching for that high quality taste experience that doesn't stink the place up with food smells that would overwhelm the coffee aroma. that coffee aroma and the loss of it is one of the reasons that they pulled breakfast sandwiches originally.

Maybe they needed to add an airwash system to the new grind and brew machines that they just rolled out to pump out even more coffee aroma into the stores.

Either way, the new breakfast value meals are certainly a way to get more value out of the local Starbucks; and maybe you can save a few bucks along the way.

If you are interested in reading more about their toils on the new breakfast offerings at Starbucks; check out the article in the NYT on the subject.

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