April 27, 2011

Coffee Grinder Run-off

Recently the Wall St Journal ran through an unscientific review of a few coffee grinders, mostly targeted at higher end consumers. They skipped the spice grinder, cheap-o $9 entry level unit that so many of us first started out with, and skipped right to some good ones.

Check out the list with their full impressions and findings on the Coffee Grinder review

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April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day - Free Coffee for All....

Free Caribou CoffeeHappy forty first birthday Earth Day - looking pretty fresh for a middle ager. Well you can celebrate Earth Day a bunch of ways, but you can do that with a free mug of coffee if you like.

Caribou and Starbucks are offering free drip coffee to customers who bring in a reusable mug/cup on Earth Day. Not a bad deal. If you think one cup doesn't matter, you're wrong. It catches on; Starbucks said that 32 million customers came in and used a reusable cup in 2010 saving 1.5 million pounds of paper from landfills.

Me? Not sure if I'll make it out to one of these guys, but I will be drinking a pot of some local roast that is blended and roasted about two miles from my house. I'll probably spend some time crushing some Nespresso Onirio capsules that stacked up from my review testing yesterday, using my new Outpresso; composting the coffee grounds and recycling the aluminum. If you want to learn more about Outpresso check out my Review. The Outpresso is now available in the US. I'll be caffeinated, and the compost pile just a bit richer for the whole effort.

Happy Earth Day. Cheers.

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April 21, 2011

Review: Nespresso Onirio Limited Edition Capsules


Nespresso Onirio capsules have arrived at Single Serve Espresso and we wanted to post up a quick review of the latest Nespresso Limited Edition. The silvery white capsules came today with a pair of Ristrettos inthe box; a pretty big contrast in both capsule color, package and taste. I will admit that the Ristretto is one of my favorites, and as one of the strongest flavors in the line. With that, I will say that the Onirio is a refreshing change and a nice break from the norm.

Nespresso is pushing the Onirio as a refined lightly roasted refined coffee with hints of flowers:

"This blend of the finest ethiopian coffees i specially roasted to offer the most refined aromas. Onirio has rounded body and presents remarkable white flower notes reminiscent of jasmine and orange blossom."

Brewing and Tasting

Nespresso's Onirio brews up with a great crema that you would expect from a Nespresso capsule, creating a delicate topping for your espresso. I brewed the new Onirio up in the new Nespresso Pixie brewer that I have been running for a few weeks now. Still enjoying it - Read My Review of the Nespresso Pixie for more on it.


Flavor-wise, I don't get the delicate flowery notes coming through, but hey maybe it's the accumulated effects of hundreds of Livantos and Ristretos. What I do get is a light cereal note, lighter than the Dulsao from Brazil. The Onirio has almost no back end lingering flavor, so the overall profile is a quick one; offering a fleeting taste before disappearing. I will say that the Onirio is acidic and noticeably so. Overall a nice clean flavor.

When I cut open the Nespresso Onirio and Ristreto capsules, surprisingly the color of the roasts were not that far off. I had expected a larger difference.


Nespresso Onirio Recipes

So Nespresso is offering up a couple of recipes that you can use Onirio for including an Onirio Mojito - a non-alcoholic version of these light, mint infused springtime drink. the other is an Onirio Macchiato that is made with jasmine tea and orange peel infused milk. I might just have to try this one. Check out their Nespresso Onirio mini-site.

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April 21, 2011

Nespresso Pixie Now Available at Nespresso Club


The Nespresso Pixie thus far has been exclusively available at William-Sonoma since late March, but as of today, it is also available for the same price at the Nespresso Club, signaling the (slightly) broader rollout of their newest machine. Review: Nespresso Pixie

The Nespresso store site has always been a little clunky and restricted, so my advice is check out the cool graphics on the Nespresso Pixie (we previewed the site back when it was only available overseas), then skip on over to Williams-Sonoma to buy it; same price and better shopping experience.

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April 18, 2011

Nespresso Onirio Limited Edition On Sale Now

The Nespresso Onirio Limited Edition Capsules went on sale today at the Nespresso Club store online and at boutiques across the country. Check out your Nespresso App on your iPhone for a location near you or, just order away to have it shipped to your home address via 2-day shipping.

The lighter roasted Limited Edition is also accompanied by some limited edition cups that are a little less over the top, but appropriate in a number of ways. Personally, I think that the cups (below) are a little more delicate than the typical Nespresso cups, clothed in nearly all white with subtle decoration and small handles. Priced at $45 per pair they are designed by Christian Ghion and illustrated by Onze Dixième.


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April 15, 2011

Illy Issimo Ad - Coffee to Go

Saw this on Illy Issimo's Facebook page from Illy, here's a pretty catchy Illy Issimo ad - can you guess that they are trying to hammer home the Coffee to Go part?

Check out my Review of illy Issimo Ready to Drink Coffee to learn more about the products.

At Vimeo - Illy on the go

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April 13, 2011

Tassimo App - Order T-Disks on the iPhone


If you are into coffee, and have an iPhone there are a bunch of Apps that can make life a little easier. We've already talked about the Nespresso App - find Nespresso stores and order capsules online. Starbucks continues to update their app - now you can even flash that app and pay for drinks. Dunks has a Dunkin Run App - collect orders from co-workers or friends when making a Dunkin Run. there's even a reader for our sister site SingleServeCoffee - yea, there's an App for that.

Well, there is also now a Tassimo app - Tassimo has launched their mobile app allowing you to order Tassimo T-Discs right from your iPhone. Now available on the Apple App Store, additional highlights from the app include menus for:

  • Browsing by beverage type or brand
  • Managing your Tassimo customer account
  • Setting up recurring orders for your favorite morning cups of Joe
  • Requires current account before you sign in with the app

At Tassimo App via SingleServeCoffee

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April 12, 2011

Nespresso Onirio Limited Edition 2011


Nespresso is getting ready to launch the 2011 Limited Edition Nespresso Onirio - a light roasted coffee that is said to offer a nice afternoon alternative to tea. Bad news if you are more of a Kazaar lover. The lighter roasted product is split roasted to bring out the best of each stream. Offering primary notes of jasmine and citrus, the smooth and rounded notes the vintage Ethiopian beans are Sidamo and Yirgachaffe varieties. I love well roasted complex flavors in my coffee, and personally, I can pull those out more easily from a light roasted coffee.

Rumored to be launching next week in the US, I'll let you know when I confirm the ship dates.

Thanks Josh for sending this in

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April 11, 2011

Coffee Prices High; Fair Trade Price Going Higher

The Fair Trade coffee program seeks to pay farmers a rate that allows for sustainable growth of coffee and thus economic growth of their communities. Coffee prices have recently floated at historically high levels, and with this as a backdrop, the Fair Trade organization is piling on a bit more.

Foodnavigator recently posted that the Fair Trade International group is raising the premium on coffee paid above the market rates. With prices at 14 year highs, it would seem like farmers are getting enough, but Fair Trade International contends that we are at near all time highs because we haven't invested enough in coffee farming across several years, and that this lack of investment has caught the supply side off balance. Recent weather issues, have cut supplies, exacerbating the issue. With more investment, comes more high quality supply.

So with oil at $100+ a barrel, I guess I can handle the modest increases in a cup of coffee. Fair Trade International is only requiring a modest $0.10 increase per pound for Fair Trade Certified regular coffee and an increase of the "Organic Differential" from $0.20 to $0.30 per pound. The modest difference will hardly be noticed by me, but should make a difference in the local coffee growing communities. I don't predict any sit-in protests in the suburban Starbucks locations over this one.

Via Treehugger

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