November 1, 2010

Bicycle Espresso Cups


A pretty good place to cruise through some amazing espresso cup designs is, the artist's storefront for all kinds of products. I recently came across this set of cups that happen to combine my passion for biking and my love of espresso. Hand printed on porcelain cups and saucers. Dishwasher safe and not very expensive.

More on the Bicycle Espresso Cups at Etsy

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August 5, 2010

Colorful Porcelain Coffee Cups - Double Walled and Cool Silicone Grip


Bodum has a great set of double walled glasses and now they have a double walled porcelain cup set that has a colorful silicone grip - available in three sizes and eight colors. The double walled construction means that hot liquids stay hot without harming the table, while cold liquids stay cold without sweating and leaving water rings on the table. I love them for iced coffee, and for espressos.

Available in 3.4 ounce for espresso, 6.8 ounce for regular coffee and 11.8 ounce for larger drinks

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July 21, 2010

The Best Iced Coffee/Espresso Glasses


OK - I drink a lot of coffee, hot, cold, good and bad and I use a variety of cups and glasses to enjoy that coffee, everything from paper cups (hate them) to large mugs, to diminutive espresso glasses and cups. Long time readers won't be surprised to hear that I still love the Bodum Pavina espresso glasses for enjoying my espresso, especially in the wintertime when the insulated glass keeps the shot warmer. It shouldn't be surprising then to to hear that the Bodum Pavina 15-ounce glasses are some of the best iced coffee/espresso glasses I have come across.

The folks at Bodum have made these glasses from Borosilicate Glass - yes laboratory glass to be tough and handle both cold and hot. I end up dropping ice cubes right into the glass, brew two shots of espresso right in on top of the ice, and top of with a bit of sugar and milk. When I brew, I usually use a Nespresso capsule (Livanto is my preferred regular flavor for iced and hot), on the Nespresso Citiz brewer so I can flip up the shelf that I use for shots so I can in fact brew right into the Bodum Pavina glass. Easy and fast to brew up a double with room for two shots, plenty of ice and a splash of milk if you desire.

In the summertime around here, the humidity makes for a lot of condensation on the side of a regular glass which usually means a coaster to keep the pool of water at the bottom of the glass. Not true with the Bodum Pavina glasses because of the double walled construction. The outside layer stays at room temperature and doesn't make that pool...... while also keeping your drink cooler longer.

Clean up? I put it right in the dishwasher and that's it.

At Amazon - Bodum Pavina Double-Wall Thermo Glasses- 15-ounces

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June 12, 2010

Bodum Pavina 2-Ounce Double-Wall Thermo Glasses - Best Espresso Cups


These are oldies but goodies here at Single Serve Espresso. This set of 2 Bodum Pavina 2-ounce espresso glasses, is made of mouth-blown glass with 2 layers of lightweight, durable borosilicate glass as the base. The double wall keeps drinks insulated, and won't form condensation on outside. These cups are also dishwasher and microwave safe.

At Bodum Pavina 2-Ounce Double-Wall Thermo Glasses

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November 6, 2009

Favorite Espresso Cups - #1 - Bodum Pavina

The Bodum Pavina is still my favorite espresso cup to enjoy everyday espressos in, with its light design and cool double wall, it lets you experience the shot of espresso in so many ways, that it elevates the experience above taste and smell. By adding in a three dimensional visual enjoyment, the espresso cups, or glasses rather, the shots come alive, as you witness the swirl of the crema being created during the the brewing and its delicate balance perched atop the espresso as you start to enjoy it. I tend to use them to share with friends while we stand around the kitchen, and enjoy a casual espresso, versus the more formal espresso cup on saucer style of sharing after dinner or at a party.

At Amazon - Bodum Pavina Double-Wall Espresso/Shot Glass

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November 5, 2009

Favorite Espresso Cups - #2 - Illy


Illy has the prominent collection of espresso cups around, and it's always a treat to see the new ones when they come out. On a regular basis they work with well known artists to celebrate their work in the form of a new espresso cup collection. The works are usually stunning, and are all based on the classic design that is probably one of the best known cup designs in the world.

More at Illy

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November 4, 2009

Favorite Espresso Cups - #3 - Nespresso


Nespresso has a simple design to their white espresso cups that mirrors their simple approach to making espresso. Put in a capsule, push a button and excellent espresso magically appears each and every time. Their designs are not simple to get such a simplified experience, and offer total eye candy in the dizzying array of beauty when they put out new machines - their most recent is the Nespresso Citiz.

For me, the Nespresso cups are a classic design with gradual sloping sides to cradle the top notch crema you get every time. The cool, contemporary spoons are a great way to finish the presentation. I use these when I entertain, and crank out a few espressos at a time after dinner.

At Nespresso

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November 3, 2009

Favorite Espresso Cups - #4 - Gimme Coffee


Today I am going to highlight the Gimme Coffee Espresso cup - definitely one of my favorites for its simple design and understated but bold logo. Like many espresso cups, it is not as much the cup itself, as the association of the cup with the shop. Like a pilgrimage, I return to Gimme in Ithaca whenever we visit to sample some of the best coffee in the world. The straight shots are not for beginners, and are very short, very powerful and very complex in flavor. The shops are well known in town and in NYC (and well written about in the press) for their quality approach to offering up a work of art in a cup. For me, they are the penultimate local coffee shop, it's just too bad I live a few hundred miles away.

So as much as this cup represents Gimme, it also represents the cup of your local coffee shop. Go ahead, head over to your local shop, buy some special drink ware and and support your local shop.

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November 2, 2009

Favorite Espresso Cups - #5 - Lavazza


This week we're going to count down favorite espresso cups. It's pretty personal to have your favorite espresso cup or coffee mug; I know that I definitely have my preferences in the cabinet every morning. I would imagine that you do too. Ones for slow mornings, ones to go, ones for company, ones that are special, and ones that break and you don't care.

Coming in at number five on my list is the Lavazza espresso cup. I love the straight sides on this, and the strong statement of the design as the sides align with the logo stripe. One can't help but imagine yourself in a cafe in Italy enjoying one of these. These are also the cups I enjoy my espresso in when I visit Caffe Vittoria in the North End of Boston, an eclectic cafe that has some old world charm, and a hopping night time feel as a destination of choice as diners pour out of the italian restaurants all over the neighborhood. It's a good mix of locals and not to add to the mix. A little pastry and an espresso to top the night off? Perfect.

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August 13, 2009

Lucaffe Espresso Cups


There are a lot of great Lucaffe ESE Espresso pods to choose from, and of course you might just want to pick up a matching set of espresso glasses to serve that awesome espresso in. The Lucaffe glasses/cups are 2 ounces, and come as a paired set of cup and saucer. It's about 3 inches high and 2 inches across with gold lettering.

There is also a Cappuccino glass and a tall Latte glass.

At PodMerchant Lucaffe Espresso Cup

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