November 16, 2007

Dacor CM24P In Wall Espresso Machine


Sometimes, the cost of an espresso machine is a pretty big commitment to the cause and for the love of the bean. Well, when you spend that much AND install the thin in the wall, it’s a big step up. The Dacor CM24P is plumbed directly into your water supply which feeds two boilers to crank out some serious brew. The unit grinds, tamps and brews your espresso, with an integrated frothing system that pulls milk right from the 1-quart milk container system.

It makes espresso, coffee, Latte and Cappuccinos, all for about $2900, plus installation.

More at Dacor

Via Sci Fi Tech

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November 8, 2007

Starbucks Sirena – BMW Designed Espresso Machine


The Starbucks Sirena comes with some impressive credentials, BMW Design Works design with the heart of a Saeco machine all rolled up into a very nice outfit that is sitting and waiting at a local store or online. The Sirena comes with some hefty marketing effort with a pretty detailed Flash based site that allows you to walk through some of the finer points of making all kinds of espresso based beverages. The Siren is a pump driven espresso maker with a pressurized portafilter. It comes with the ability to “auto-tamp” the coffee pull a shot and then with a proper heat time, steam your milk.

It’s not cheap, coming in at $599, but it may just command that with the beautiful design treatments and the high quality build.

More on the product at Sirena by Starbucks.

Go straight to the Starbucks Store or At Amazon - The Starbucks Sirena

Thanks to Brian for sending this in.

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Krups XP 4030 Espresso Machine


Krups has the Krups XP4030 Espresso Machine that is a nice entry level pump-driven espresso machine for around $150. Krups designed the unit to be very competitive with a strong feature set and a classic design.

The Krups XP4030 comes with three portafilter inserts that will hold a single, double and an ESE espresso pod. This will give you some nice flexibility to make what you want. The unit has a 1200 watt Thermoblock heater and a 15 bar pump to crank out high quality espressos in short order. The 32-ounce water reservoir should keep you going for a while, cranking out about 15+ espressos before refilling. Krups calls their steam wand the Perfect Froth steam system to mix air and steam for foolproof frothing.

I typically use my Pod machines with either the Lavazza Grand Crema ESE Pods or if you want to try out a little variety to start out or to re-explore different espressos, try a ESE Espresso Pod Super Sampler .

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October 23, 2007

Ascaso DR.116 Dream Espresso Machine

The Dream Versatile espresso and cappuccino machine is a solidly built pump driven espresso machine that might just be the espresso machine of your dreams. The Retro look covers the modern capabilities of the machine.

It is able to brew from both ESE pods and ground coffee utilizing two different brass filter holder. The 44-ounce water reservoir feeds the 16-bar pump that flows through a 900-watt heater to deliver brew temperature water to the grounds. I like the fact that the boiler and piping are brass, and that the operation is classic; thermometer dial, and easy flip switches. It has a steam wand that is driven by its own thermostat, and is controlled with a dial.

The Ascaso DR.116 Dream Espresso Machine is available at Starbucks and Amazon.

The Asco DR.116 Dream Machine is also available in more than TEN Other Colors at Amazon

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October 22, 2007

La Pavoni 8-cup Chrome Espresso EPC-8 Machine

Interested in a little classic expression of the Espresso roots? Well, a manual, lever style machine may just be what you want to pull your espresso shots. This La Pavoni 8-cup Chrome espresso machine will boil your water for you, but you do the rest. The heavily chromed beauty allows you to tamp your ground espresso, and then hand pull the heated water through the ground coffee puck. Classically designed. The machine is 12 by 7 inches in size (with the handle lowered) and comes with a tamper, screen, screen holder, measuring ladle, and cappuccino attachment, as well as complete operating instructions and a ten-minute video.

At La Pavoni 8-cup Chrome Espresso EPC-8 Machine

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October 15, 2007

Old World Cafe Style Espresso Machines for Home


So, if you are looking for that Euro café feel at home, you can always try out one of these in your house; the Mini Verticale Elektra espresso makers are pure Euro eye candy. Not everyone can get one of these to fit in on their countertops, but if you have the need, the desire, the space and a few grand, you are there.

They come in metal, brass and copper finishes, so that you can emulate that café of your dreams.

Via Slippery Brick

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October 9, 2007

Typhoon Red Moka Pot


Need to make a statement with that moka pot sitting on the counter top? Well the Typhoon Red Moka Pot may just be the bright “Good Morning” wake-up call that you are looking for. The 3-cup size is about enough for a regular sized cup of coffee if you like to cut it with milk, or several shots of espresso. While I generally like to use a pump-driven espresso maker at home, I love moka pots for their ability to bring easy and high quality coffee on the road with me.

Typhoon Red Moka Pot at Amazon

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October 2, 2007

Refrigerator with in-door Espresso Maker

whirlpoolespresso.jpgNow here’s a refrigerator that would be right at home in the kitchen, the new side-by-side refrigerator that has a built-in espresso machine in the door. Of course, there is a water filter so that your espresso tastes great. The unit can dispense espresso from pods and hot water; no real word on its true capabilities as an espresso maker. Let’s hope that they put as much work into designing the espresso maker as they did the refrigerator; I am not so sure you’ll be happy with a broken espresso maker in the middle of your refrigerator door, right?

The Whirlpool Espresso Maker Refrigerator is coming to the UK in 2008.

More at Whirlpool UK

Via Appliancist

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September 24, 2007

Big Factory Cafe Macchina


What a great look at a new espresso machine; the Pierre Ittner Designed machine feels fun and fanciful, right out of a Dr Suess book. The translation appears to say that the unit starts with coffee whole bean and milk to deliver your favorite espresso drink easily using its touchscreen. The unit has a ceramic grinder and water filtration to help deliver high quality espresso...

I think The Cat in the Hat should deliver each and every one of these.

More at Pierre Ittner Designs

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September 18, 2007

Super Automatic Espresso Machine Cleaner

Ok, so the shine is off the super-automatic and you’ve pumped through a few hundred of your favorite drinks through your machine and while the drinks are still awesome, you really do need to clean the machine more than just emptying out the spend grounds bin and wiping the milk off the steam wand…. Mineral deposits can accumulate in the system and either clog up the machine or at least make things taste bad with off crazy off flavors. On top of that, residual coffee oils, that age and can go rancid can also affect how your espressos are tasting these days.

So while some machines come with a few tablets tht are good for one cleaning, you can also try out Joe Glo espresso machine cleaner. It cleans your machine up by removing those coffee oils and helps with mineral deposits too.

Joe Glo Espresso Machine Cleaner
at Amazon

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