August 24, 2010

Electrolux EBA63810X In-Wall Espresso Machine


Not that I have one of these in my future but I thought I would pass it along as a great example of high fashion kitchen design meeting an espresso passion. Espressos, lattes and cappuccinos are just a button or two away with this in-wall espresso maker from Electrolux. It has a 15bar pump and a 1.8 liter water reservoir, you can easily create a round of espressos for anyone at the party. The unit is a super automatic drink station that can easily adjust the strength, brew temp and size of brew to your liking.

Price is $2,950 AUD at Elextrolux

Via Appliancist

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August 12, 2010

The Slayer - "The Ferrari of Espresso Machines"?


The Slayer is a relatively expensive espresso machine coming in at $18,000, but also a very specialized machine, hand built in Seattle that allows the barista to adjust flow and pressure through the brew cycle. So while Starbucks has worked hard to take the barista factor out of the brewing cycle with their push button to brew machines, the Slayer goes in the opposite direction allowing the barista to experiment and delve into areas not yet explored on other more simplistic machines.

So while there are only a handful of the machines in North America according to this Giz post, there are more coming - like a recent one (Open in September) to Thor of Toronto, where it is proclaimed the Coolest Espresso Machine on the Planet. Below you can see a video that describes a little bit of how the Slayer works.

Let's face it, it the Machine was called the DE-8650, it wouldn't be nearly as news worthy, eh? More at the Slayer Website on the Slayer Espresso Machine

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August 11, 2010

Lavazza and Green Mountain Team Up - More Espresso for US


So Lavazza and Green Mountain - makers of the Keurig Machines in the US, are teaming up to co-develop new machines, espresso capsules and let's face it some fun new ideas for sale in the North American market. not only does the deal have Lavazza buying some GMCR stock, but it has a distribution of espresso machines in the US as a part of the deal. While we all like a new design and machine, the better distribution of espresso machines in the US may help leapfrog some adoption barriers in the US.

The agreement hopefully will bring some hybrid machines capable of doing regular and/or espresso coffee, or at least some options to make the K-Cup experience closer to that of a coffee bar; frothing, and finishing with milk.

So, we'll keep our eye on this, as will our sister site We like Lavazza's ESE pods a lot (my favorite ESE pod for hot espresso), and the Keurig machines are a step change in ease of use for drip coffee. Should be a fun marriage to watch.

Via SingleServeCoffee

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July 29, 2010

Concrete Lavazza Espresso Machine


OK - it's weird and it's not really for sale, but the Yanko Design studio has put together a working design for a concrete machine based on Lavazza parts. The simple design shows off the brewed cup well and offers some cool post-modern industrial street cred with the chips and rough marks for those who have to have the latest look. I like the rough hewn buttons that look like they were cast using ancient techniques.


I like the fact that they use the Bodum Pavina glass for the demo - they're my favorite for espresso.

More at Yanko Design via SlashGear

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April 19, 2010

Krups XP5240 Pump Espresso Machine with Precise Tamp


Krups has launched a new pump espresso machine that offers a new way to get better espresso through a simpler operation. In the past, you had to switch out inserts for ESE pods, Single shots or Double Shots; not anymore. The Precise Tamp system allows you to add what you like to the portafilter, and then as you lock it into the machine, a ratcheting system cranks the portafilter up to the right location, effectively making the machine itself the tamper.

While getting a good tamp itself is important, I think getting a foolproof system that offers ease of use is more important. I hear form people all the time that they loved the idea of an espresso machine, but that in this go-go time, the hassle and the mess is too much. With no switching of the inserts, and the better assurance of a better espresso, this system looks to be a decent idea.

  • Pump espresso machine with 1400-watt thermoblock heating system
  • Universal filter holder accommodates ground coffee, E.S.E. pods, and soft pods
  • Precise foolproof tamp system can be set for 1 or 2 cups at a time
  • Selector knob for brewing or frothing; mess-free cake-ejection system
  • Measures 12-3/5 by 10 by 14-2/5 inches

More information at Krups; a demo video is also available.

at Amazon the Krups XP5240 Pump Espresso Machine

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March 22, 2010

Podi CM02 Espresso Machine Design - Euro Espresso from Capsules

CM02-Capsule Machine (4).jpg

The Pod CM02 is a single serve espresso machine using rigid capsules, and looking like some futuristic espresso machine. The unit is designed by experienced espresso machine designer, Vinod Gangotra for Selec Line (Asia). The simple to use machine features push button ease, and is a great solution for home or small office use.

We found this on our sister site, Single Serve Coffee, and we are not sure when this will get released, or under what brand.

CM02-Capsule Machine.jpg


  • -1.o Litre water tank
  • 17 bar pressure
  • Automatic capsule ejecting system
  • Capsules from Italy available in 6 different aroma's
  • Available in White, Black, Red

At Gangotra

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January 4, 2010

Battery Powered Portable Espresso Machine


Always a good thing to have espresso where you want or need it, and while the Handpresso and the My Pressi have been in the news lately for their portable nature, this Espresso machine from Stelton looks pretty interesting.

The unit is battery powered, and runs on ESE pods to deliver a cup of espresso wherever and whenever you need it during your day. At a little under 180 GBP, or about $290US, the unit doesn't come cheap. Then again, what high quality espresso device does?

More at Stelton

Via Coolest Gadgets

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October 7, 2009

Nespresso Citiz Capsule Brewing Espresso Machine At Amazon

The much anticipated Nespresso CitiZ espresso maker is starting to show up in outlets ahead of it's broad scale launch in the US. Amazon is now selling the ultra thin Nespresso CitiZ brewer for $279 in three colors: Red, White and Gray. Back in the spring we were able to take a look at the CitiZ; we thought it delivered the classic Nespresso quality shots without compromise taking up only a thin slice of the counter space here in the Single Serve Espresso kitchen.

The new Nespresso CitiZ offers:

  • Ultra thin profile - takes up about six inches of counter width
  • 19 bar extraction for some of the best looking espressos around - always crema, and always great aroma.
  • Easy to Use for various Cup sizes - The flip up cup support allows for direct brewing into a larger mug - I use this feature when brewing directly onto ice when making iced Americanos.
  • Automatic Brewing - The unit offers automatic brewing at two sizes - single and double, so you get pushbutton easy brewing, and after you are down, the unit will go into an energy saving standby mode.
  • Capsules sold online ( and at Nespresso Boutiques; I use online and get the capsules two business days later.

At Amazon the new Nespresso CitiZ Automatic Espresso Maker or the Nespresso CitiZ Automatic Espresso Maker with onboard Frother

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September 9, 2009

Jura Capresso C9 Super Auto


So, if you aren't into the glam and glitz of the metallic look of the Jura Capresso S9, the subtle black look of the black Jura Capresso C9 super automatic. The C9 super-auto is still a powerful machine, offering all the functionality to get you from whole bean to espresso in short order. The 64-ounce water reservoir with integrated Clearyl cleans the water of contaminants, while the burr grinder grinds the whole beans using one of six fineness settings. The ground espresso is then tamped and extracted at 18 bars of pressure. The C9 also offers easy programmable settings to get your drink each and every time. The sidecar milk thermos holds milk cold for up to 8 hours on the countertop. A quick hit and the Jura C9 steams or froths milk right into your cup or mug. Not bad - it's what a super auto is all about.

At Amazon the Jura-Capresso 13422 Impressa C9 Super Automatic Coffee-and-Espresso Center

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September 7, 2009

Breville Espresso Maker with Integrated Grind/Tamp Features


Breville has a cool new machine out that grinds and tamps your espresso before you pull your shot. The unit comes with what sounds like consumer portafilters and a pro-sumer portafilter. The consumer based one offers a small pin-hole to help create enough back-pressure so that oil and water can be emulsified to create that wonderful crema. The pro-sumer portafilter has a more open mesh at the bottom and relies on a proper tamp and grind size to create the back pressure. Kindof like professional barista work on training wheels.

The unit comes ready with an 8-ounce whole bean container, a steaming wand, a water reservoir, a conical burr grinder and the ability to set the dosing to a single or double shot.

So there are are super-automatics that offer a one button operation, and there are semi-automatics that rely on you to use your own grinder or ESE Pod, and then there is this that lies innovatively in the seam between the two. I like the step up, offering you the ability to try out how to emulate the pro with various grind and tamp settings.

At Williams Sonoma - Breville Espresso Maker with Integrated Grinder

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