September 2, 2008

Is your Starbucks Closing?

It's no secret that Starbucks is having trouble and that they are closing "underperforming" stores - 600 of them in fact. With 600 fewer stores, especially the slow potentially money losing ones, Starbucks hopes that they can firm up their business and start making money at a better rate.

While those stores may be money losers, they are also customer's home cafe's where "the usual" gets ordered up thousands of times a day. Is your corner Starbucks closing?

Here's a full list of stores (PDF link) that are slated to close from Starbucks.

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August 28, 2008

Emmi Caffe Latte - Swiss Espresso


I am always on the lookout for a new Espresso drink, especially a decent quick drink to grab on the run. The latest find is Emmi's Caffee Latte that I found in Wegmen's markets. The 7.7 ounce drink comes in a plastic cup and can be found in the chiller. I grabbed the Macchiato, but it also comes in Cappuccino, Mocha and a Light. The Macchiato was decent and not as strong as a Starbucks Doubleshot, but instead mostly a milky flavor with a coffee flavor. Not my favorite, but still decent.

Cost was about $1.69, 170 calories, and made from: Milk, Fair Trade Coffee, Sugar, Trisodium Phosphate and Carrageenan.

More at Emmi's Website

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August 14, 2008

Free WiFi at Starbucks - Finally back to the Coffeehouse Roots


I think all coffee shops should have free WiFi; I mean who doesn't? Somehow, the smell of the espresso, the newspapers lying around and the sound of the milk frother whipping up another latte, just fits with some Free WiFi. I am not talking camped out all day sipping one drip coffee hogging three tables with your papers type Free WiFi; I mean the We are thankful for your business and here's an oasis from the world, surf away type Free Wifi.

Well, if you hadn't heard, if you are a part of the Starbucks Rewards program, you can get free WiFi when you are at a company owned Starbucks. You do have to set up an AT&T account, have a Starbucks card that is part of the rewards program and have used it in the past 30 days to get a free 2 hours of use per day. Not bad; grab a latte and grab a few hours of 'Net time.

More at Starbucks Rewards Site

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August 7, 2008

Health Effects of Coffee - Good and Bad

The NYT has a pretty good look at the health effects of coffee, and walks through what the science says. It walks through a lot of the issues that we've heard of over the years, coffee and Heart Disease, high blood pressure, hypertension, cancer, bone loss, weight loss, Parkinson's disease, and diabetes. Whew!

Net the article seems to say that the science is leaning in favor of moderate coffee consumption - good for us! Cheers, here's a double shot to you.

ReadMore at NYT

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July 29, 2008

JavaFit - Java with all the benefits


Did you want your Java with a little extra? Here's Javafit with a few varieties, including the Extreme Latte; with an extra kick of green tea extract. Diet Plus Latte - help shed some pounds with a little latte. Focus and Immune round out the line of these ready to drink 11-ounce packs that are sold in four packs. Easy to drink, and maybe a little extra while you enjoy your favorite drink.

More at JavaFit

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July 28, 2008

Caribou Iced Coffee


Tried these? Caribou has three flavors of iced coffee out for the warm summer months, that sound pretty good. Espresso, Regular and Vanilla; and I dig the bottles. Might just contain some powerful aid to make your stronger, smarter and more beautiful; twist drink, enjoy life.

More at Caribou Coffee

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July 7, 2008

Starbucks: Bad Real Estate Decisions?


Good article in the NYT about a potential factor in the woes seen by Starbucks these days. Not only are people trading their Venti Lattes for home brewing, but those who are left aren't providing enough business for those stores that Starbucks has increasingly realized are not as productive as they need to be. In the Go-Go Venti No Whip days, it was easy to make a return on a marginal store, but when the business retracts just a few percent, those loyals have to be spread across more real estate that in the case of a downtown store, can be very expensive.

From the NYT:
"In 2004, the company announced it would double its pace of expansion, with a goal of reaching 15,000 stores in the United States. (It currently operates about 7,000 stores nationally.) That ambitious target was clearly a major culprit in Starbucks's misfortune: the company said this week that 70 percent of the stores marked for closing were opened after 2006."

Ouch. Who made those decisions? Well we'll see you on later this year, right?

Read the whole article at NYT

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July 2, 2008

Become a Peetnick - Get a Free Tumbler


If you like Peet's Coffee, you might just want to get home delivery, and if you like home delivery, why not sign up for a delivery service. That's where becoming a Peetnick comes in. That's their term for people who join their home delivery subscription program, and it's got some advantages.... a free Peet's Peetnick tumbler to start.

You have the ability to set the interval between the coffee deliveries, and select the blends that you sign up for. If you want to get really wild, you can set the program up to give you different blends in each delivery, which can really spice up the coffee brewing experience at home. Set up to 10 different shipments and then once they get to the end, the whole thing repeats.

Check more out at Peet's

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June 30, 2008

Cutting Back on the Starbucks? Brew at Home and Save Money


You used to be able to get a gallon of gas for less than a latte, but now a gallon of gas costs more than the average grande latte and it's starting to hit the wallets of Americans at all income levels. People are cutting back on going out to dinner cutting back on the number of miles they are driving in their cars, choosing cars with better fuel efficiency over bigger domestically made cars, aren't they cutting down on the Lattes and the Frappuccinos?

Hey with a $3.75 latte every workday, that adds up; you've seen the math, reaching close to $1,000 a year. Starbucks recently indicated that same store sales were down, year over year, and with the recent stiffening of people's resolve to save money, I would imagine that the second quarter is going to be worse.

Maybe it's time for an investment in a home Espresso maker and brew up your own lattes every morning before going off to the office. Invest that Latte money in a good quality brewer, sit back and enjoy the fruits of your excellent investment. Plan on spending about $75 - $100 in coffee a year if you want to brew up that workday latte (14 grams per brew, every weekday, at about $10-$12 a pound); I'll say that the milk is only a few bucks and that you probably have it on hand anyway.

Take a look through our Espresso Machines area to pick out a few to target. I would recommend spending at least a few hundred dollars on a pump driven semi-automatic that will make high quality coffee.

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June 24, 2008

Starbucks Cutting Back on Lighter Roast


Starbucks is potentially hitting more trouble in the middle of their turnaround. Their recently launched lighter tasting roast, Pike Place Roast, is apparently being phased out or cut back on in some locations. The new roast, just launched this past April, is not being brewed in the afternoons to save on waste at these locations that don't get the traffic that they need to run through the stuff. I guess the loyals want the bolder tasting blends and this is the classic struggle to grow your business. Please and keep your loyal customers or try to gain new ones; sometimes you can do it without pissing one or the other off, and sometimes you can't.


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