March 9, 2007

Caribou - Official Coffee of Daylight Saving Time

Not a bad way to welcome in the early Daylight Saving time. Swig some espresso.

From their press release....

With the annual “Spring Forward” change in time coming three weeks earlier than usual this year, Caribou Coffee Company Inc., has proclaimed itself The Official Coffee of Daylight Saving Time. To celebrate – and to help Atlantans wake up for the March 11 Daylight Saving Time leap forward – all Caribou Coffee locations will offer one extra free shot of espresso on request during business hours on Sunday, March 11 and Monday, March 12.

Although springing ahead on March 11 means only an hour of sleep loss, researchers have identified a clear relationship between losing an hour of sleep and an increase in fatigue – even traffic accidents. The Caribou Coffee “Moose It” option of adding another shot of espresso to any drink will be free to anyone who asks for it during what could be the two toughest mornings of the year.

“Thanks to the passage of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, Daylight Saving Time begins nearly a month earlier this year,” warns Michael J. Coles, Chairman and CEO for Caribou Coffee. “Since most consumers can’t take the day off of work on March 12, the least we can do is help them stay awake with a complimentary shot of espresso available at all of our coffee houses.”

One free shot of Caribou Coffee espresso, with a retail value of 55 cents, adds approximately 40 milligrams of caffeine to a beverage.

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March 5, 2007

McDonald's To Expand Espresso Drinks Nationally


McDonald's is ready to pull an espresso for you; are you lovin' it? Apparetly enough people are in their test cities, as McDonald's is planning on bringing its espresso based drinks into national distribution.

"Consumer taste preferences in coffee have changed in recent years, largely because of the influence of coffee houses like Starbucks and Caribou Coffee," McD's Chief Marketing Officer Bill Lamar said. "Truly, anyone who's serving a contemporary cup of coffee is a competitor. We think where we're going with offering more espresso-based drinks will only enhance [the coffee experience], and make McDonald's a destination for coffee in the United States, with our customers," Lamar said.

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February 28, 2007

Illy a Casa - Cheap Machines and Coffee All Year Long


Illy has a membership program that allows you to get into a very nice espresso machine with the commitment of buying their coffee. The machines are very nice; FrancisFrancis! X5, X1, or a Pasquini Livia 90, a commercial grade maker. The FrancisFrancis! machines come at a steep discount with club membership. A year's worth of coffee is the commitment, so make sure you like Illy!. Hey if you were going to buy this coffee anyway, you might as well get a great price on a nice maker.

at Illy

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February 19, 2007

Free Tully's Travel Mug

Nothing's free, yea I know. But If you drink Tully's K-Cups, you can get a free Tully's travel mug. CoffeeGiant is running a special right now that gets you a free travel mug when you buy 3 boxes of Tully's K-cups. I like the Tully's French Roast, but they have several varieties. We've got the Keurig B-70, and have a box on tap right now.

More At CoffeeGiant

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February 18, 2007

Nespresso Summer Campus Session in Costa Rica


Want and opportunity to gather with students from around the world and learn about sustainable coffee farming techniques? Nespresso is running a summer campus in Costa Rica for 2 weeks this coming summer to help students learn more about how farmers cultivate the rarest coffees in the world, while observing sustainable farming techniques to create a better economy while safeguarding the environment.

To submit an application visit The Nespresso AAA Summer Campus Site

Press release follows....

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February 15, 2007

Antioxidants - One Shot at a Time

A speach at a recent symposium on nutrition tells us that coffee is loaded with antioxidants, and contributes about a third of the average American's intake of antioxidants on a daily basis. I didn't realize my espresso did a body so much good!?!

"Coffee was the largest single contributor on a daily basis for the average American, contributing 31% of the total daily antioxidants. Coffee is high in phenolic acids and chlorogenic acid, and is the number one antioxidant molecule in the American diet," says Dr. Vinson is Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania.

And I thought my daily Flintstone's vitamin was the only source of antioxidants!

So, while we are a long way from understanding the role of antioxidants and disease, I'll keep enjoying my espresso on a daily basis, and savoring every antioxidant laden sip.

Press Release after the jump...

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February 9, 2007

Quick Pod Picks: Lavazza Grand Crema

It's no secret to frequent readers that I like the Lavazza Grand Crema pods; I live on these things. As while I am drinking a lot of Espressione Pods these days as I prep a review for next week, I am knee deep in the Lavazza Grand Crema's for the weekend, having run through most of my Espressione, and just gotten a big box of the Lavazza's. So, If you're looking for a good ESE Espresso pod take a look at my review for the Lavazza Grand Crema's and consider grabbing some for yourself.

More at Amazon

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February 8, 2007

US Barista Championship 2007


So, you think you've got what it takes? The US Barista championships are announced and going to be in Long Beach, CA in May. Competition is pretty tough, and people definitely bring out their "A" game for this one, whipping up their best brews in a set 15 minute timeframe. The winner takes home the title, $1,000 and a trip to the World Championship in Tokyo, Japan.

Press Release Follows:

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February 6, 2007

Starbucks and The Ethiopians - A Decent Alternative

roastmagazine.jpgI don’t know about you, but I have heard a lot about how Starbucks has been blocking the poor Ethiopian farmers from trade marking the names of their coffees, thus precluding them from making money. While that may sum up one lopsided version of the truth, I found a well-written view of what’s happening in Roast Magazine, by the editor Shanna Germain. I like the fact that she took a look at what was going on, and laid out what is a decent alternative that would actually have the Ethipian government registering Harrar and Sidamo as growing regions that would become certification marks and not Trademarks. She says, “Certification marks, such as Jamaican Blue Mountain and 100-percent Kona, identify the coffee’s source by indicating the nature and quality of the coffee and by affirming that the coffee has met certain standards. Geographic indications serve similar functions as trademarks by guaranteeing quality, identifying source and ideally increasing the value of the product.”

To me it seems like Starbucks and others are happy to pay living wages for quality coffee, and by doing so, they would qualify for a “Certification Mark” for these growing regions. Folks would not want to pay for licensing a “trademark” that they themselves had already put a lot of money behind to help establish on their own.

ReadMore at Roast Magazine

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February 5, 2007

Starbucks vs. McDonald's

So according to a recent article in the LA Times the consumer magazine Consumer Reports is going to put an article out in its March issue that rates McDonald’s coffee better than Starbucks, which it finds “burnt”. So, while I agree that the Char-bucks nickname is well earned, no one should think that Consumer Reports should convince them to leave Starbucks and move over to the Golden Arches. The problem with these types of ratings is that the taste panel is made up of judges who probably rate the product objectively and then make a subjective call on what’s a better product. That’s where the problem lies. What’s better? Vanilla or Chocolate ice cream? These judges can't tell you what to like. People have different tastes, and coffee is a matter of taste.

When I try to write up my tasting notes of coffee, I try to include objective descriptions of what the cup was like, and then include an explanation of why I like a coffee, which may NOT be why you like a coffee. I think that the beauty of coffee is that there are so many possibilities out there, and I hope I can help you find the one that you like best; not tell you what’s best. So I am sure that people at McDonald’s are Lovin’ It that Consumer Reports will be coming out with a taste test like this, but don’t think that it’s going to make a lot of Starbucks drinkers move on over.

More at LA Times

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