December 14, 2010

Review: Latte Macchiato Regular and Vanilla Capsules for Nescafe Dolce Gusto


We recently reviewed the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Creativa coffee/espresso machine here at SingleServeEspresso, and put it on our Buying Guide this holiday season for good reason. The Nescafe Dolce Gusto line offers up 15-bar brewing which allows it to make authentic pressure brewed coffee that you would expect from a coffee shop. I think the machine is well suited for those who want to make coffeehouse style beverages at home with the convenience of a push-button brewing. It is not a high end espresso machine, but it doesn't come with the complexity nor the mess.

Two capsules in the line worth considering are the Latte Macchiato and the Vanilla Latte Macchiato varieties, which are exactly what many of my friends and family want out of one of these types of machines. Nestle describes the Latte Macchiato as "Frothy milk marked with a shot of espresso, with a sweetness that welcomes the morning." and the vanilla sibling as having, "Exceptional layers of froth, vanilla hinted milk and bold espresso."

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November 30, 2010

Nespresso Variations 2010 Available Today! - Vanilla, Caramel, Almond


Nespresso Variations 2010 - Caramel. Vanilla and Almond

Starting today, Nespresso Variations are available for purchase through the Nespresso Club website. Each year the Variations line helps to ring in the holiday season for Nespresso fans who like the flavored espresso capsules.

For 2010, the Nespresso Variations website offers a whimsical look at what a world of Nespresso Variations might look like, with balloon races and clouds of whipped cream. They show a "Race" page that appears to be a voting area for your favorite Nespresso Variation flavor. The most popular Nespresso Variation flavor appears to be Almond, then Caramel and Vanilla pulling up the rear.

They appear ready to offer Nespresso Variations screen savers, backgrounds and downloadable concept art that seems to have been the early workings for the splashy holiday site.

Links, and More after the jump......

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November 22, 2010

Nespresso Aeroccino 3 - Black, White and Red - Espresso Companion


Nespresso has a new Aeroccino 3 out; offering not only a color choice, but the ability to store the whisk tips in the base. The Aeroccino is a great companion to many of the Nespresso makers, like the regular Citiz and the Essenza, delivering frothed milk for drinks like lattes.

The Aeroccino both heats the milk and froths in about a minute. The Aeroccino comes with two small stirring wandsthat attach magnetically on the bottom of the non-stick milk chamber. When you pick the whisk version, you get a firm foam that works well for lattes and cappuccinos, and is a thick firm texture. The wand-like paddle gives you hot milk, fast.

Compatible Nespresso Brewers

The Nespresso capsules can be brewed in the new super slim Nespresso Citiz, the Nespresso Essenza C-100 or the Nespresso Le Cube brewers, among others in their line.

The new Aeroccino 3 is available for $99 now at the Nespresso Club store

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November 17, 2010

Nespresso Ad: George Clooney and John Malkovich in Taxi

Ok, after yesterday's video, I wanted to post the follow-up chapter that has George and John meeting again. Thanks to Alex for pointing it out.

After yesterday's video, I like George pausing after he comes out of the Nespresso Boutique; a tip of the hat to him getting hit by the piano.

Apparently, heaven is where they drink Nespresso's Volluto capsule; John's favorite.

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November 16, 2010

Nespresso Ad - George Clooney in Heaven

Here's a Nespresso ad for TV is out; most likely reaching the airwaves overseas, that shows George Clooney walking out of a Nespresso Boutique, dying and going to heaven meeting John Malkovich's St Peter at the gates. The two have a few bits of dialogue, with some insider talk about how heaven has no movie producers or managers, and how there re billions of sexy angels around. Not sure it translates to a 30 second spot, and the humor is pretty predictable, but it's worth a watch anyway.

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November 12, 2010

Nespresso Citiz and Co Dual Brewer - Double the Brewheads, Double the Fun


In a simple change of design, Nespresso has a two position design for its Nespresso Citiz and Co machine, positioning it for the office coffee market where a single head brewer might not keep up with the office demand. I don't think I've ever run into a traffic jam in my kitchen at my Citiz, but I think I want one anyway.

The machine is not sold in the US, but I found it on the UK's Nespresso site, and on the UK Amazon site where it is available for about $420. The US is trying to push the Nespresso Gemini system of brewers for the Office crowd; with a slightly different "pod" that is saucer shaped.

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November 4, 2010

Nespresso Variations 2010 - Vanilla, Caramel, Almond Espresso Capsules


Nespresso Variations 2010 - Vanilla, Caramel and Almond (left to right)

11/15/11 UPDATE: The new 2011 Nespresso Variations are out now and shipping, read more about what the flavors are, check out the website and more.

11/30 UPDATE: Nespresso Variations are available NOW! We just ordered up some, got our shipping confirmation and are excited to welcome in the Nespresso Variations 2010 season.

We are pretty excited to announce that this year, the Nespresso Variations 2010 will refocus on the past popular flavors that helped to create the buzz that helps Nespresso fans welcome the holiday season. Can't wait to get our hands on these festive Nespresso Holiday Flavors(again). The flavors are as follows:

  • Vanilla Espresso Variation- "a balanced harmony between the rich and velvety aromas of vanilla and the mellow flavor of the Livanto Grand Cru creates a blend distinguished by its full, enveloping taste, infinitely smooth and silky on the palate." Brought back from the 2006 line.
  • Caramel Espresso Variation- "the sweet vanilla flavor of caramel softens the roasted notes of the Livanto Grand Cru results is a delicate gourmet union which evokes the creaminess of soft toffee." Brought back from the 2008 line - See our review of the 2008 Nespresso Variations Capsules.
  • Almond Espresso Variation - "the sweet and lightly toasted almond notes accentuate the roundness of the Livanto Grand Cru and this melt-in-the-mouth blend evokes the mellow taste of Amaretti biscuits." Brought back from the 2007 line - see our review of the 2007 Nespresso Variations capsules.

Recall that these are layered on top of the Livanto base capsule roast that brings its mid-darkness roast profile and its acidity to help brighten and deliver the layers of flavors.

So a few weeks ago we played around with predicting the Nespresso Variations line-up this year, hoping for a fruit, a nut and a spice; missing on the fruit and not thinking that they would re-visit past popular versions.

If it were up to me, my three favorites were Crystalized Ginger (2008, amazingly fresh and surprisingly good), Almond (2007, true almond that goes will with milk and a hint of sugar - humm what about as an almond mocha?) and last year's Apricot (2009, fresh and bright flavors that burst juicy goodness that shouldn't go with espresso but melded well).

Nespresso Variations 2010 Availability

This year the Nespresso Variations capsules will be available starting on December 1st to a small set of users and to the general public on December 6th.

Compatible Nespresso Brewers

The Nespresso capsules can be brewed in the new super slim Nespresso Citiz, the Nespresso Essenza C-100 or the Nespresso Le Cube brewers, among others in their line.

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October 31, 2010

Nestle Testing "Special-T" Capsule Tea Brewing Machine


Nestle, maker of the Nespresso and Dolce Gusto line, is testing a new refined Tea Machine that offers a broad line of tea in Nespresso-like aluminum capsules. The product line is only available in France now, with no news about expansion plans. With the success of the Nespresso line it is not a surprise that they would want to expand the model to the other popular hot drink; tea. It is also not a surprise given the prevalence of tea consumption in other countries where it rivals coffee for a spot at the table.

The Special-T Brewing Machine

The machine design is classic Nespresso-style, with a refined look that will be impressive on any counter. A water reservoir is in the rear of the machine, housing a water filter that can be replaced. Of course the intent here is the best quality water for brewing tea; filters like this have long been debated for the amount of good they are doing for in-cup flavor differences.

The controls for the machine are on the right side of the brewer base, and it has a special energy savings design that helps it consume up to 50% less than a typical tea kettle.

One of the best features is the fact that it recognizes each capsule to brew the time and temperature of the infusion according to the tea variety.

The Teas

A full range of 25 Tea capsules area already offered. They range from the regular teas that you would expect, like Ceylon, White Teas, Roobios, Jasmine Green, Earl Grey, while also going to extremes like a Blueberry Muffin tea flavor and a Caramel.


The Capsules

The capsules are made of aluminum, like the Nespresso line, offering protection from light, air and moisture, all culprits of flavor degradation. The shape is intended to offer a brewing chamber that will bring out preserve the delicate aromas of the tea.


Nestle Special-T Accessories

Like the Nespresso line, the Nestle Special-T line has several cups available for sale and a capsule holder to make having a variety of tea convenient.


Nestle Special-T Machine Availability and Cost

The Special-T machine is available in France for 89 Euros, or about $125, which is fairly low considering the Nespresso line starts in the $175 range.

More at Special-T website (in French), or the Nestle Flikr account for Photos of the Special T

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October 28, 2010

Nespresso Ritual Collection: Ristretto Cups Back In Stock


Nespresso launched their Limited Edition Kazaar capsule a few weeks and continue to sell it at a fast pace. See our Review of the Kazaar Capsules for more on information on them.

Nespresso Ritual Ristretto Cups Back in Stock!

The Kazaar launch was also paired with the announcement of the Nespresso Ritual Collection of cups and saucers along with spoons, mugs, bowls and yes a special sugar packet holder.

At the time we originally reported on the Nespresso Ritual Collection, the Ristretto Cups were out of stock; they are now back and ready to be ordered.

The full line of Cups and Saucers are in the following sizes:

  • Ristretto - 60 ml (2 Fl. ounces) - $25/pair
  • Espresso - 80 ml (2.7 Fl. ounces) - shown above - $25/pair
  • Lungo - 170 ml (5.7 Fl. ounces) - in a similar shape and profile to the Espresso Cup - $30/pair
  • Cappuccino - 170 ml (5.7 Fl. ounces) - Broader shape - see below - $30/pair
  • Mug - 270 ml (9.2 Fl. ounces) - no saucer - $30/pair
The Nespresso capsules can be brewed in the new super slim Nespresso Citiz, the Nespresso Essenza C-100 or the Nespresso Le Cube brewers.

Available at the Nespresso Club website and at Nespresso boutiques

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October 22, 2010

Nespresso Variations Espresso Capsules for 2010 - What will they be?


11/30 UPDATE: Nespresso Variations are available NOW! We just ordered up some, got our shipping confirmation and are excited to welcome in the Nespresso Variations 2010 season.

UPDATE: We Announced the New Nespresso Variations Flavors for 2010 - see the details and more.

In addition to the Kazaar Limited Edition that was recently put out, Nespresso brings some holiday treats our way in the form of flavored espresso capsules that meld interesting worldly holiday flavors and their espresso coffees to create drinks that challenge the drinkers to explore and have a little fun for the holidays.

Nespresso Variations 2010 - What will the Flavors be?

To think about looking ahead, we have to look back. A quick review of flavors lead us to some predictions.

Nespresso Variations 2006

  • Absolute Vanilla - clean and obviously vanilla
  • Spicy Apple - hints of cinnamon
  • Anise seed - surprisingly good flavors

Nespresso Variations 2007

  • Almond- Nice Roasted true almond flavor
  • Cardamon - delicate but polarizing
  • Chocolate Orange - classic holiday flavor

Nespresso Variations 2008

  • Caramel - subtle, best with sugar and milk
  • Mandarin - bright, basic orange flavor
  • Crystalized Ginger - true ginger flavor that lingers; breakthrough favorite that I drank for months

Nespresso Variations 2009

  • Chestnut Creme - intense aroma from this one was better than the flavor
  • Gingerbread - strong ginger with subtle spice, not nearly as good as the Crystalized Ginger
  • Apricot - juicy and intense apricot flavors were my absolute favorite this year and surprisingly wonderful

Let's take a look at these and they break down to four categories (they include some double counts):

  1. Spice - Crystallized Ginger, Cardamon, Ginger(bread), Absolute Vanilla, Anise Seed
  2. Confection - Caramel, Chocolate (Orange), Gingerbread
  3. Fruit - Mandarin, Chocolate Orange, Apricot, Spicy Apple
  4. Nut - Almond, Chestnut Creme

One has to think that this year will grow out of the last three year's worth of concoctions. I would predict that we get a spice flavor based in some of the popular coffee shop flavors like nutmeg, or cinnamon. If that's too boring and unadventurous they would move into the sweet spice area and not the savory area. I would like to see some more surprisingly good fruit ones this year, potentially other citrus or acidic style fruits. Nuts would be a logical one with hazelnut being a strong omnipresent contender that might be too obvious. Who knows, we'll see in a little over a month. they usually hit the store in late November, to early December.

The Nespresso capsules can be brewed in the new super slim Nespresso Citiz, the Nespresso Essenza C-100 or the Nespresso Le Cube brewers.

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