August 23, 2010

Nespresso Kazaar Limited Edition Espresso Capsules - Packing a Powerful Punch



UPDATE: See our Review of the Kazaar Capsules for more on information on them.

UPDATE: Nespresso Kazaar now available for sale in the US. We have some in for Review; see our post with video of the new Kazaar capsules brewing in our Nespresso Citiz brewer.

UPDATE: Drinkers around Northern Europe have started seeing, buying and tasting Nespresso Kazaar capsules after their launch there, with one user reporting that they saw the new capsules in the Nespresso Boutique this past Monday (9/6/10). No official word about the US launch of Nespresso Kazaar, but the powerful "12 on a 10 scale" espresso capsules are expected any day now.

Very excited to hear about the new Nespresso Kazaar Limited Edition capsule for 2010 that will be coming in just a few weeks. So while Nespresso claims that their Ristretto is the most popular Nespresso Capsule, this one might just change a few habits. So while the Ristretto tops out at a 10 on the intensity scale, the Kazaar Limited Edition will be a "12". Whoa. They reportedly dialed up the intensity by brining together specially cultivated Robustas to create the special blend. Split roasting was used to create layers of flavor and get each set of beans as fully developed as possible.

Nespresso always turns out a set of cups and saucers for the occasion and the Kazaar Limited Edition will be accompanied by a set designed by French interior-designer Andree Putman - simple lines, refined look to deliver this powerful shot.

For the Nespresso Nerds: So we've seen this across the web with "Limited Edition" in text and graphics - one has to wonder if Nespresso is rebranding their unique Fall offering from "Special Club" to a Fall "Limited Edition." - Last Year's Special Edition was the Singatoba Blend, while we already had a 2010 Limited Edition this Spring, the fantastic Tanzaru. Who knows, we'll see.

No official word on a date for the release in the US, but these usually come out in September.

The Nespresso capsules can be brewed in the new super slim Nespresso Citiz, the Nespresso Essenza C-100 or the Nespresso Le Cube brewers.

From Popsop via our sister site SingleServeCoffee

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August 22, 2010

Nespresso Espresso Capsules: Updated Packaging Look


New Packages for Finezzo and Rosabaya top, with older versions below

Picked these capsules up the other day to refill my sadly depleted supply. I like the new packaging on the Nespresso Capsules; more refined, clean and fits their more modern design trend. The older script use to label the variety was certainly upscale but a little dated and old. Stop by your local Nespresso Cafe to see the whole line.

The Nespresso capsules can be brewed in the new super slim Nespresso Citiz, the Nespresso Essenza C-100 or the Nespresso Le Cube brewers.

Cleaner text with a more modern look on the new packages
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August 13, 2010

Nespresso Opens its 200th Boutique - Shanghai China

nespressoBoutique_shanghai.jpg On the heels of its earnings announcement where it said that Nespresso sales are up 25% year over year, Nestle is opening its 200th Nespresso Boutique in Shanghai China. The boutiques have been a way for Nespresso to reach out into the consumer space and extend its brand image with a well polished routine, engaging spaces and a strong presence that resonates well with its target audience.

I visit the Boston boutique on a occasion to pick up a supply of capsules and enjoy a look at the latest hardware arranged in impeccable displays. I am never disappointed in the trip. If you haven't stopped by one, and have one locally, you should check out the machines, enjoy an espresso from their wide array of blends and see if a Nespresso machine is right for you.

Full Press release below on the Shanghai launch....

ArrowContinue reading: "Nespresso Opens its 200th Boutique - Shanghai China"

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August 10, 2010

Nespresso: Ferrari Racepresso Helmet Shaped Espresso Machine


UPDATE: Apparently, the designer got a nice letter from Nespresso's legal department asking that he remove the Nespresso logo from the "Racepresso" design. Check out the first comment on this Yanko Design Post for more. Gotta love it when designers take it to the limit; and this is one of the best coffee machines I have seen in a long time (except maybe the one out of cement last week). Yanko is featuring another fun inspired coffee maker with the flip up visor to reveal the business end of the espresso maker; the lower part slides out to reveal the spent capsule area, and space for the plug in the back. Guess this is the must-have maker for the race fan; too bad it's not a production model...... yet.

Via SingleServeCoffee and AutoBlog from Yanko

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June 24, 2010

French Authorities Seize Ethical Coffee Capsules in France

Knew this would start getting ugly..... Recall Ethical coffee, run by a former Nespresso exec, is putting out capsules that work in the Nespresso machine, but according to them do not actually infringe on the Nestle patents. Well apparently French authorities acted on the request of Nestle to seize capsules at the Ethical Coffee plant in a first step that has to be leading to a court ordered shut down or standoff over the subject.

I am sure Nestle is asserting that Ethical Coffee infringes on its patents, and of course Ethical Coffee believes that they do not infringe on these patents. We'll see how this shakes out, but there are a lot of billable lawyer hours in the future over this one.

Related to this, Nestle is also involved with Sara Lee over similar allegations of patent infringement.

More at Business Week

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June 16, 2010

Nespresso Sues Sara Lee over Patent Infringement


Nespresso is starting the long defense of their patented system of Nespresso capsules and extraction methods against competition through patent infringement suits. Nespresso has a lot to lose if they don't, as the Nespresso business has been a bright spot in the company's balance sheets lately.

Nespresso volume was up 20% in the last quarterly announcement, and Sara Lee recently started selling capsules in France to fit the Nespresso maker at a 10% discount to the Nespresso ones. Definitely a concern at Nestle if the Nespresso brand is to continue doing well. Clearly Nespresso sees a lot of growth ahead for its Nespresso brand and with what they believe to be a strong patent portfolio they believe that they will need to defend it and the growth potential. Sara Lee on the other hand clearly sees an opportunity or at least a need to get into this growing high end market with something that doesn't infringe on Nestle's patents.

Ethical Coffee has also released a capsule that fits the Nespresso machine in France. No news about suits versus this company, but to add a twist to this facet, the founder of this company, Jean-Paul Gaillard, used to work at Nespresso and apparently is trying to navigate around Nestle's patent coverage.

I am sure we will continue to hear about these stories well into the future.

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May 9, 2010

Nespresso $50 Credit When you Buy a Machine


Nespresso is running a promotion right now through the end of June that will give you a $50 credit on your Nespresso Club account when you buy a machine for $299 or more. That gives you about 90+ capsules of free coffee when you purchase a machine. Not a bad deal. Read up on the details on the voucher below. Also you can see which machines qualify. You should also check out the Nespresso Machines at Amazon to get the most machine for your dollar as many are discounted versus the cost at the Nespresso site.

Download the Voucher at Nespresso

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April 23, 2010

Nespresso Powers Nestle's Earnings

Quick note to say that Nespresso continues to power up Nestle's earnings. It was recently reported that Nespresso's Limited Edition Espresso Capsules drove volume up by 20%. I liked the holiday versions ("variations"), and as far as the Spring Limited Edition Tanzaru; I loved them.   I think that the Tanzaru are some of the best capsules that have come a long in years. It was also reported that Nestle will be opening 40 boutiques in 2010. This is a big vote of confidence in the brand and the power of the boutiques where Nespresso tends to not only show off their wares, but also create strong relationships with their users and fans. They just opened up their third US-Based Nespresso boutique in Miami this week and from the look of the pictures, the 3900 square foot boutique on Miami Beach should be a fun pace to visit.

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April 4, 2010

Nespresso Tanzaru Espresso Capsule - Light Roasted Excellence

I have been drinking Nespresso Tanzaru Espresso all weekend and have to offer a quick review of these capsules. If you like a lighter roast, you need to try these out; I think that the blenders and roasters deserve an "A+" for this one; it's really well done.

Quickly - the Arabica blend is from Peru and Tanzania and is light roasted - a "4 of 10" on Nespresso's little box side scale. I blew through a couple of sleeves since Thursday and am going back for more after I work off a few sleeves of Livanto and Ristretto. Upon brewing the Tanzaru, you get a multi-layered blend of light roasted caramel and nutty flavors. Upon further inspection, the citrus and blueberry notes appear with a good acidic backbone in tasting to support the fruitiness. Drinking is nicely tart without being overly acidic, offering a good display of coffee flavor neat, without having to add sugar or milk. There really are no dark roasted notes; no pungent smokiness.

With the sunny days just hitting the Boston area, and temps back up to springtime delights, I have to say that these lightly roasted delicate shots of Tanzaru are a great companion to the new season.

If you like a lighter roasted cup, do not delay on buying some of these; they are some of the best limited or special edition espresso capsules I have had from Nespresso.

These can be enjoyed on the whole line of Nespresso brewers including, The Nespresso Citiz, Nespresso Essenza and the Nespresso Le Cube.

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March 29, 2010

Nespresso Tanzaru Limited Edition Espresso Capsules are Now Shipping


According to Nespresso - "Tanzarù is a light-bodied espresso with invigorating notes of citrus fruit and fresh grass. With a subtle and balanced Arabica from Peru as a base, the Tanzanian Arabica brings a lively and fruity character to this coffee."

The new 2010 Nespresso Limited Edition is out and available for a little spring variety. The blend of coffees from Peru and Tanzania will certainly be a little different than the regular shot in the morning. I have a few on order already.

Order capsules and maybe even the custom designed cups at Nespresso

These can be enjoyed on the whole line of Nespresso brewers including, The Nespresso Citiz, Nespresso Essenza and the Nespresso Le Cube.

Update: Check out some early impressions and tasting notes on the Nespresso Tanzaru Espresso Capsules

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