February 12, 2009

Nespresso Boutique Grand Opening in Boston - Tonight!

Nespresso has a series of shops across the country in an effort to reach out to the masses, and tonight is the grand opening of the Boston Nespresso Boutique along with a press event. We'll be there along with Jay from SingleServeCoffee.com to check the whole thing out. The Nespresso machines are not the most inexpensive, but offer some amazing design work, and a consistency combined with ease of use that no one can match. Check out our news and reviews on Nespresso capsules and Nespresso espresso makers, while we're off to the Grand Opening.

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December 17, 2008

Nespresso Variations 2008 - Espresso Capsule Review


Nespresso always puts out a few great flavored capsules this time of year, and in years past, the quality has been fantastic, surprising me since I am not a big flavored coffee person. The Three variations come as a surprise every year, offering Nespresso a chance to compound a great blend and flavor system allowing the flavors to dance and play off of each other as you experience the espresso from aroma to aftertaste.

This year is no disappointment in the line of Variations successes. Some better than others, the line is worth getting across the board to see what you like, unless you are absolutely against trying one particular flavor. I say this because when I got the three in, I was expecting one toe be my favorite, and another be passable. After sipping and shooting these baby's for a few days straight in all kinds of combinations, I have to say that I have a clear favorite and it's a big surprise.

All three flavors are subtle and not overwhelming, blended in more of a high cuisine soft, layered approach instead of an over the top candy-sweet style. I like that, it fits with the Nespresso heritage.

Caramel - This is a subtle flavor, and does best with a little sugar and milk - I like caramel flavors and subtle hints in all kinds of ways. This was my most anticipated flavor, and I will say that I could have used a bit more caramel coming through in the cup. The nose was good, and again, it's a subtle, roasted, browned flavor versus a sticky-sweet one.

Mandarin - I will start with the admission that I am not a big orange flavor fan - love oranges, but not with chocolates, coffee, etc. The mandarin Nespresso capsule as surprisingly good, and again, with touches of orange woven with the coffee flavors make it an enjoyable cup. I drank it as a latte, as a shot straight and with a bit of sugar. I think that this does well as a shot, with or without sugar - offering nice orange finishes that remind you of a beautiful base orange flavor.


Crystalized Ginger - My hands down favorite of the bunch. The flavor is more true ginger, and is not a spiced up gingerbread flavor, but that's what I like. With a bit os sugar to lengthen the flavor profile delivers a subtle ginger flavored that lingers swirling around the coffee flavors along giving you glimpses of the flavor that is surprisingly good.

So, again, I think that they are all worth checking out - $6.20 for a sleeve of 10 from Nespresso for a limited time. These tend to sell out quickly, so jump on them and they will have them out to you pretty quickly. The sleeve of ten is about the length of my Christmas stocking - get the hint?

I was also able to check out the Variations recipe glasses this weekend, making some fun drinks, and just drinking double shots. The glasses are 150 ml (about 5 fl. ounces), so they have plenty of room for a quick drink, offering a nice way to enjoy your new flavored shots. Some people balk at the idea of a glass with no handle because of it's ability to be too hot, to the touch, but I thought these were a great change to the normal routine. Hey, we're into it here at SingleServeEspresso, and playing with these glasses was fun. I pulled successive shots into mine in the morning for a double to get going, and added some steamed milk later in the day for a different treat. The little Nespresso sugar spoons in the box are a nice touch and add a bit of formality to the very casual glasses without being overt he top. With these glasses, you can even experiment with layered drinks if your hand is steady enough and your luck is running strong. Again, you have to be into it, but these can make a fun gift too.

at Nespresso

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November 5, 2008

How to Prime the Pump on a Nespresso

"How do you prime the pump on a Nespresso machine?"

A lot of people have writing in on this, and I have had to look it up myself a few times after forgetting to write it down.

According to Nespresso - the steps are similar for a few machines that I have checked out:
1) Open top lever and push it back as far as it will go for 3 seconds.
2) With the lever still open, press the cup button until water flows.
3) Close the lever and press the cup button to stop the flow of water.

Yes - that was easy. I usually forget to fill up the water and run the pump dry every now and then, maybe you do the same. Not good for a pump to do that too much. Good luck and enjoy.

See My Full Review of the Nespresso Essenza C100

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October 26, 2008

Nespresso Le Cube C185 Full Review


The Nespresso Le Cube Black colored edition came in for review recently and we are are pretty happy to check this one step easy espresso brewer out. The Le Cube is one offering in the line of Nespresso capsule based brewers that at their heart have ease of use and high quality brewing at their very core. The recent line refresh includes the New Black version of the Le Cube. The Le Cube is a simple design statement that fits in a small footprint on the counter with some bold lines and innovative design elements making it a great looking unit as well as a highly functional one. It's got a 1-liter reservoir, has cup holder space for up to 6 espresso cups and a chamber that holds up to 15 spent espresso capsules. The 19-bar pump driven extraction is impressive for its crema creation, while its 1260 watt thermoblock heating element powers the unit. Le Cube retails at $349.


We took the Le Cube for a spin while we were trying out our Jinogalpa Special Club Capsules that are offered as a limited time offer, it's been fun mixing them in with a lot of our standards.

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October 23, 2008

Top Seller - Nespresso Essenza C100 Expresso Machine

One of my favorite machines is a top seller at Amazon these days, and for good reason. The Nespresso C100 Essenza, a stylish looking little machine that takes the Nespresso capsules. These foil wrapped capsules are packed with coffee blends that come in a nice amount of variety; adding seasonal products to keep things interesting. All of this can easily be accessed through the Nespresso website or the handful of Nespresso Cafes across teh country. For most of us through the downside is that coffee can only be bought through the Nespresso website. I tend to buy a bunch of 10-packs at a time to keep a good inventory hanging around. The capsules cost $0.55 each, which can seem like a lot when you are only getting a tiny little shot of espresso, but if it's good espresso that's this easy, the cost isn't too terrible. It's in the ballpark with ESE Pods.

The Nespresso C100 Essenza is a compact little brewer that takes the Nespresso capsules, brews your cup and then dumps the capsule into a waste bin for clean up later. Very fast, very easy. This little brewer packs a punch though with a 19 bar pump, 1200 watt heating and a 34-ounce water reservoir. The machine and capsules can make a standard espresso, or a 5-ounce lungo for larger cups. For more information see my Full Review of the Nespresso Essenza C100.

At Amazon - Nespresso C100T Essenza Single-Serve Automatic Espresso Machine

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October 20, 2008

Nespresso Jinogalpa Special Edition Review


If you haven't already it's time to order the next Special Edition from Nespresso, Jinogalpa. Nespresso puts out special editions every year, and Jinogalpa is a good one that is worth putting on the shopping list.

Jinogalpa comes from Nicaragua's best arabica coffee and is split roasted to reach different roast colors then blended after roasting. Nespresso describes it as having "full body, and a smooth crema that reveals soft tones of sandalwood as well as subtle and refreshing herbal accents." Jinogalpa is to be made at a 40ml brew setting into an espresso shot, the Intensity "6" shot.

I got mine along with the special edition Jinogalpa Espresso Cups, which carry the hummingbird logo for the design. I like the cup shape, and they fit well in the Nespresso C185T Le Cube maker that I have in for review right now.

Brewing the Jinogalpa in any Nespresso maker is pretty easy and I like my own Essenza for it's easy and simple operation. Flip up the lever, drop in the capsule and you are ready to go. The Nespresso brewers have an integrated reservoir and a system that holds spent capsules. When you lift the lever for the next brew the spent capsule will drop into the chamber for dumping later. The chamber in the Le Cube holds upwards to a dozen spent capsules in my usage.


With the capsule loaded, and the maker up to temperature, you just need to punch the single cup button and out comes the espresso and crema. The Jinogalpa does have the pronounced acidity of an arabica only blend. It's very up front but not so acidic that it is outright sour. The thing is that the Jinogalpa is also a good blend with a lot of complexity that I would attribute to the complexity of the blend and the split roasting. A lot of 100% arabica espresso blends that I see and taste are sharp and acidic, but have nearly not aftertaste and little body if not formulated to have one. I like the Jinogalpa for its complexity and its full body flavor. The blend is definitely dark roasted and carries with it some complex dark flavors that are earthy, woody, spicy and pungent without tasting burnt. As always the espresso can come out shot after shot with excellent crema looking awesome and tasting good. This one one be around for long and it's always great to get a little variety in the mix.

Check out Jinogalpa at Nespresso

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September 30, 2008

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee/Espresso Maker In the US


Not sure if you've seen this one, but the Nescafe Dolce Gusto has come to the US and its design is turning a few heads. The folks at Nescafe have been known for unique and interesting designs with their coffee/espresso makers and this bird-like design is sure not to disappoint. This single cup coffee maker is not of the Nespresso capsule/espresso variety, but does use single serve capsules that are designed o be a bit more flexible and offer a range of drinks including espressos and lattes.

So, while some outlets are mentioning the new unit, our sister site, Single Serve Coffee has a US model Nescafe Dolce Gusto in house for review. They have also been checking out a Euro spec unit for about a month now.

Available in Red, White or Black at Amazon - Nescafe Dolce Gusto (Pre-order now, available October 15)

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September 22, 2008

Jinogalpa: Nespresso Special Club 2008


It's time to order the next Special Edition from Nespresso called Jinogalpa. Jinogalpa comes from Nicaragua's best arabica coffee and is split roasted to reach different roast colors then blended after roasting. Nespresso describes it as having "full body, and a smooth crema that reveals soft tones of sandalwood as well as subtle and refreshing herbal accents."

Targeted at a 40ml brew into an espresso shot, the Intensity "6" shot should be a good one. I am looking forward to mine coming. Last year's sold out fast, you can order at Nespresso

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August 21, 2008

Nespresso Le Cube - New Black and Bronze out for the Fall


Nespresso is releasing two new bold colors of their popular Le Cube Nespresso capsule brewer just in time for the weather, and the start of a big old coffee brewing season. Nespresso continues with their Le Cube minimalist design backed by superb functionality based on the capsule platform. Le Cube uses the Nespresso capsule, available in a dozen varieties, as well as seasonal specials that spice things up. What never fails to blow me away is the crema in the Nespresso shots, and how easy and quick they are to brew. Look for more news on Le Cube as it hits the shelves.

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June 25, 2008

What's the Best Nespresso Capsule?


I get this question all the time, which capsule is best, and what should I be drinking? I think the best thing that Nespresso does is to include the full assortment with each machine so you get to try them and see what types of flavors are out there and which capsules you'll end up loving with your machine. The only thing better would be to include two of each! (I turned my sample holder into my capsule holder inside the cabinet door)

With flavors ranging from the light Cosi - "A is perfect for espresso lovers who enjoy a mild, smooth crema coupled with the refreshing acidity of a hint of lemon." Strength = "3"

to the Ristretto - "Ristretto is the typical Italian espresso. It is a short, strong, full-bodied espresso with a touch of acidity. It has a pleasantly lingering taste." Strength = "10"

With my Nespresso Essenza C100, I happen to like right in the middle, gravitating to the Livanto and the Roma, and mixing things up with the seasonal blends that come out.

More at Nespresso

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