May 15, 2008

Second Nespresso Contest Winners Announced

The "Pearl" design is our favorite - a round coffee-maker
with a luxurious design.

The folks at Nespresso never stop looking for the latest designs for their Nespresso Capsule driven espresso makers. The Nespresso Essenza C100 that sits on my countertop is the smallest espresso maker to ever come through my kitchen for reviews, except maybe the trusty Moka pot. But Nespresso isn't stopping there, as they have run a design contest again this year to find what might be the next Nespresso coffee maker to hit the shelves. Students from all over Europe competed to design and submit the next best thing. Some are absolutely fantastic; I love the thins designs that would hardly be noticed on the counters. Some are a too edgy for my tastes, but all of them are worth checking out.

We like all of the designs produced by the winners, and really like "Pearl" above. Single Serve Coffee has a detailed post of all the winners, and you will also want to visit the contest site for videos and more pictures of the machines.

At Nespresso Contest Site and Single Serve Coffee

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March 30, 2008

Review: Nespresso Goroka Espresso Capsules


Nespresso always puts out some interesting blends and special limited editions throughout the year to shake things up and make life a little interesting. I am usually game for trying them and enjoying them as they change up the normal routine around the Single Serve Espresso kitchen... if there is really a routine as we are constantly roving and trying espresso makers, coffee, pods and capsules. But you get the point.

Goroka is the 2008 Grand Cru Limited Edition capsules that are a celebration of Papua New Guinea and their highland coffees. The coffee is an all arabica blend that comes through with classic arabica behaviors and flavors. From Nespresso: "Once picked the red cherries are immediately pulped to remove the bean as quickly as possible to prevent uncontrolled fermentation. The beans are fermented for three days with daily rinsing followed by a day of total immersion on fresh water to bring out their unique taste. After surface drying in the sun, they are mechanically dried to ensure an even finish. They are carefully hulled 21 days later. The result is a superior coffee and a livelihood for hundreds of coffee growers in the Papua New Guinea Highlands."

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March 19, 2008

Nespresso Goroka - Limited Edition Capsules


Nespresso has just announced their limited edition coffee for 2008 - Goroka. Goroka is described as precious, sophisticated, chiseled, and unique. The coffee is from East Papua New Guinea, and made from Arabica beans grown in a very humid and warm tropical rainforest. Goroka gets its name from the Mountain town where all coffee harvests are sent to be hulled before being sent all over the world.

Go check out the Goroka site, for more information with flashy graphics. Nespresso always has a little eye candy when presenting these Limited Editions. Late last year they ripped through their supply of Nespresso Variations which I had the good fortune of tasting; thinking that they were very high quality.

I ordered some up for my Nespresso Essenza C100 (See Review) and should be enjoying my Goroka soon. You can also check out more Nespresso Machine reviews at our sister site, including ones on the Nespresso D90, Nespresso Le Cube, Nespresso Romeo, and the Nespresso Lattissima.

At Nespresso Limited Edition 2008 Goroka

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March 12, 2008

Coffee Prices on the Rise

tullyslogo.jpgCoffee prices are on the rise, and two favorites in our house are not immune. With the costs of the raw material - quality green coffee going up, the cost to me, a big coffee consumer are going up too.
Recently the cost of my Nespresso capsules went up; a whole 3 cents, from $0.49 each to $0.52, but hey it's an increase. I think that I can afford it though, especially if it keeps me away from Starbucks for just one day, I'll be good for a few months. I brew in the Nespresso Essenza C100, shots of espresso mostly.

Long time readers also know that we run on a Keurig B-70 in our house and for us, it's allowed everyone in the household to get a cup of what they want. I mean hey, I like the regular stuff too, it's just got to be a pretty hefty roast. Our sister site, just reported on some price increases coming for K-cup coffees too. I went over to Coffeewiz and picked up some Tully's French Roast; a pretty popular flavor in our household.
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January 7, 2008

The Best Nespresso Capsule Storage?

I don't know how you store your Nespresso capsules, but I recently figured out a way to keep a few at my fingertips without much expense or hassle. When I got my Nespresso Essenza C100T, I blew through a lot of the samples that came with the machine and then was left with this pretty good little plastic holder that they came in.

Instead of recycling it, I decided to re-use it. I took some velcro style strips that I found at the home center, and apply three down the back and hang it on the inside of the cabinet above my Nespresso machine.

The result is a cleaner cabinet, and a decent selection of capsules right where I need then and out of sight. Not bad.

I was inspired by the $124 ebony wood version (below) that is available at the Nespresso site, but didn't really have a place to hang it and felt like buying coffee might be better than buying the holder.

If you are interested in a good selection you can check out Amazon's set of Nespresso Capsule Holders.

You can also check out a handcrafted Bamboo Nespresso Capsule Holder that I came across on the web - I love the look and the design.

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December 19, 2007

Nespresso Variations 2007 - Flavored Espresso

Nespresso has introduced three new flavors for their 2007 variations, which I think are going to be a big hit for those warm winter lattes hanging out with friends around the fire. Last year they introduced Absolute Vanilla, Spicy Apple, and Aniseed. The flavors are Chocolate Orange, Almond, and Cardamom.

After trying them all this past week, I have to say that the three are excellent, and a very high quality, pleasing flavor that combines well with the espresso base. This is not some junky flavored coffee from the bottom of an urn at the local convenience store! My favorite was the Almond, a nice roasted almond that sits well as a stand alone espresso and combines well with the sweetness and milk flavors of a latte.

The Cardamom was a pretty good treat. We like Cardamom flavor around our house and have seen it in holiday cookies and other Eastern food dishes, and again it's a decently flavored espresso that stands up to a latte without any problem.

Finally the Chocolate Orange was a treat too, reminding me of those chocolate oranges that I used to see around Christmas. I liked this one more as a latte than a stand alone espresso, but again, the quality and balance of the flavors was well done. It's clear that they worked hard on these flavored espressos and I like them as a nice treat and change to the usual rotation of Livantos, Romas, Arpeggio's and Decaf Intenso's that are floating around the kitchen.

I made these in my Nespresso Essenza C100T which I like for its small size, ease of use and its excellent espresso.

At Nespresso Variations 2007

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December 14, 2007

Nespresso Shops Open NYC, DC and Paris!


Nespresso is on a tear these days, having just opened a new store in Paris on the Champs d Elysees, and two new ideas for them, Boutiques in stores; one in SoHo, NYC and one in Chevy Chase MD. The Cafes are in Bloomingdales and there you can enjoy the wonderful taste of espresso while considering a purchase of a new machine or if you already have a machine, it can be an easy place to pick up more capsules. (Man check out that picture up there - don't you wish you had a wall like THAT and all of those lovely espresso capsules?!?!)

I love my Nespresso Essenza C100T for its small size, ease of use and its excellent espresso. I just got in some of the new Nespresso Variations - flavored espresso capsules and they look pretty good; can't wait to crack into them tomorrow. They come in three varieties and are available for a limited time at the Nespresso stores and boutiques, as well as online at the Nespresso Club.

The new flavors are:

  • Almond
  • Cardamom
  • Chocolate Orange

    Press Release and addresses of the new Boutiques follow....

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  • November 13, 2007

    Jalayatra Nespresso Capsules Special Club Review

    Nespresso has their Special Club Grand Cru limited edition capsules out and I think that they are definitely worth a try. The Limited Edition Jalayatra capsules celebrate the rich Indian coffee history that may have gone unnoticed by many. The blend captures the complex past of “Monsooned” beans that took the long journey back to Europe from India, where the beans changed in character to take on a spicy complex character. Now in the past, this might have been mistaken for bad beans, but this blend is not, and has a spicy lively character that is worth checking out.

    The beans originate from the Southern coast of India and are blended into a “Malabar Arabica” mix that has an intense taste, and is definitely worthy of their “8” strength rating.

    JalayatraBrew.jpg I put away my Livanto blend for a week and stuck with the Jalayatra blend to see what life might be like on the coast of India, and I have to say that life is pretty good. You have to enjoy the deep rich flavors that come with a full bodies espresso. Overall the espresso is definitely acidic, worthy of an Arabica blend, but not hollow in body, and it comes full of pepper, spicy flavors that linger to give it a pleasant aftertaste. If you like, add a hint of sugar which changes the profile a bit to round and bring out the caramel flavors that are in the cup; easy and a very different and delicious experience.

    As with any Nespresso capsule, the brewing process is easy, and on my Essenza C100 I can shoot out a great espresso in only a couple of minutes while I get the rest of breakfast ready. Pre-heat, lift the lever to drop the capsule in, press the espresso button, and let it rip; about 30 seconds later you get a frothy beautiful cup of espresso. I am usually partial to the Bodum Pavina espresso glasses, but also liked the limited edition espresso cups that I got to celebrate the Jalayatra release. The shot looks even better with the white of the cup behind it to set off the light brown and rich colors of the crèma.

    The Jalaytra Nespresso coffee capsules will work in your Nespresso D90, Nespresso Le Cube, Nespresso Romeo, Nespresso Lattissima and, Nespresso C100T.

    At Jalayatra | Nespresso Special Club 2007

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    May 23, 2007

    New Colors for Nespresso Essenza Espresso Machines

    Img 4166

    We recently attended the Nespresso launch of the Nespresso Lattissima from Nespresso and DeLonghi, and we're pleasantly surprised to see the launch of new colors from Nespresso for their popular Nespresso Essenza models. You can read reviews of the Nespresso Essenza C100T model from us here at Single Serve Espresso and over at Single Serve Coffee.

    The new colors we witnessed for the Nespresso Essenza models are really quite refreshing. We especially like the Green Nespresso Essenza C100T.

    Check out our full selection of pictures from the show and we also included a few pictures of the new Crystal Couture models as well.

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    May 17, 2007

    Nespresso Lattissima in US

    Wanted to point out that our sister site has made the trip to the New York Nespresso Boutique Espresso Bar to be a part of the US National launch event for the Nespresso Lattissima, an automatic beverage center that uses not only the Nespresso capsules, but the DeLonghi milk frothing capability, making lattes and cappuccinos at the push of a button. This is very similar to the DeLonghi EAM 3500 super automatic that I reviewed recently, in that it does all the work at the press of a button and allows you to refrigerate your fresh milk in the removable milk container.

    ReadMore at

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