January 24, 2012

Review: Nespresso Kazaar Tasting 2012


Nespresso got tired of hearing about how many people wanted to taste Kazaar again, and decided to bring it back in 2012. If you haven't ordered yours, you need to - it sold out fast in 2010 and I would imagine it is going fast now. I bought three times the sleeves this year knowing how much I liked it last time.

Kazaar is not for everyone, and its 12 on a 10 scale intensity is a bit of hyperbole, but not very far off. It is intense, and packed with flavors that while strong, are not overdone, not overly roasted just to make a strong impact. If you like "Classic" Italian espresso blends, you should try Kazaar. Those classic blends add Robusta coffee to add some base notes and a lingering finish to the cup. Nespresso took a 100% Robusta blend, as the goal, and started crafting the cup at the growing stage by improving the growing, processing and roasting steps in an effort to accentuate the positive and minimize the sometimes terrible burnt rubber flavors that can come along with a Robusta bean. If you've ever tasted Robusta alone, it's amazing to see that Nespresso has created Kazaar out of what is usually a barely tolerable bean.

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January 14, 2012

Tasting Nespresso Kazaar - Get Ready for Monday's Release

In preparation for Monday's release of the 2012 Kazaar, you might want to watch the video below that Nespresso put out on Kazaar, walking through the tasting steps. If you need a little more, check out our Review of Nespresso Kazaar when it first came out over a year ago. Personally, I have one capsule left over from the last round that I have kept in the freezer. I am pretty excited to have it back, and I won't be just ordering a single sleeve of this stuff. I expect it to go fast.

We announced that the very popular Kazaar would be back in 2012, back in November, and have been looking forward to it ever since. Yea, the "12 on a 10 scale" intensity rating is pure PR hype, but it works and may just be pretty accurate. I like it better than the Ristretto "10's" that are available each and everyday.

While I was on the road this week, I saw the this news on Twitter. If you aren't following @NespressoUSA on twitter, maybe you should… that's where they announced the Nespresso 2012 Kazaar Availability.

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December 16, 2011

Nespresso The Citiz vs. The Pixie - Which is Better?


Nespresso has two very good espresso brewers that are similar in style and purpose, which has a lot of people asking Which is better, Nespresso Citiz or Nespresso Pixie? I think the answer might be both, but let's take a look why.

Nespresso Citiz


The Nespresso Citiz was influenced by the tall and slender sky scrapers in the city landscape and was introduced in 2009 offering a new take on compact and effortless espresso brewing. It came in a handful of colors, and with a relatively small footprint, took over as my favorite Nespresso machine very quickly.

The tank is 1 liter, and the empty capsule bin holds about 10 capsules, giving you ample periods of time between any "maintenance". The Citiz also features automatic brewing - push the button once to start and it automatically shuts off when the Espresso or Lungo is brewed. These brew volumes are user changeable.

The Citiz also shuts off after several minutes when not used. No more is the machine on all day when you forget that it was on after you left for work.

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December 6, 2011

Outpresso - Great Gift for the Green Nespresso Lover


Outpresso is a compact device that separates the coffee from the aluminum in Nespresso coffee capsules, making it feasible to put the spent aluminum capsules in the recycling bin. The Outpresso make short order of your used Nespresso capsules, and since there are no broad scale Nespresso recycling programs here in the US like there are in Europe, you need something to easily do it yourself.


Recycling is pretty easy. Just put the spent Nespresso capsule in the little indentation on the Outpresso, push down the lever and squeeze out the coffee grounds. They stay in the little bin underneath. I tap the grounds out in a bowl for composting or right into the trash depending on the time of year and the mood I am in. I rinse the grounds off the crushed aluminum capsules and put them into my metals recycling bin. Done. It takes about 5 minutes a week. - See my Full Review of the Outpresso.

So, if you have a green Nespresso user on your gift list, consider the Outpresso.

At Outpresso USA

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December 2, 2011

Nespresso Variations 2011 Review - Chcolate, Cherry and Vanilla Blossom


Once again, Nespresso has brought a surprising set of variations to brighten up your holiday season. This year, they continued with a few running themes, sour fruit, and indulgent confection, and again give you a chance to pause and wonder if these flavors are meant to go with espresso.

I learned a long time ago to just go with it and trust that if I didn't like something, it was only about $12 lost. More often or not, I have really enjoyed the flavor variety, and there is no time like the holiday season to enjoy a little whimsical indulgence. If I judged a book by its cover, I may never have tried a few of my favorites like Crystalized Ginger from 2008 and Apricot from 2009. Of course, I also like "regular" flavors like last year's reprise of the Almond flavor in the 2010 Variations.

Base of Livanto

If you enjoy the Livanto capsule blend on a regular basis, like I do, you're probably pretty happy to have the 2011 Variations based on this capsule. I would pick it because it is a dark but still moderate blend that has enough acidity to play up sour fruit flavors, but is not overly acidic to kill anything requiring a velvety smooth body.

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December 1, 2011

Nespresso Capsule Holder Carousel


I ran across this the other day and wanted to pass it along. I am always on the lookout for capsule holders because I hate having the capsules rolling around in a kitchen drawer. Some are vertical holders, while some mount on the wall, some are handmade out of bamboo, but this one is a carousel much like those designed to hold K-Cups.

Great Accessory and Gift for the Nespresso Drinker

It holds up to 40 capsules, and rotates 360-degrees with a chrome finish. The carousel is about 10-inches high and about 6-inches in diameter.

At Amazon - Nespresso Carousel Capsule Holder

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November 25, 2011

Nespresso Kazaar will be Back in 2012


Nespresso announced today that they are bringing back Kazaar in 2012. Kazaar was the Limited Edition that was very successful, kept getting more and more requests, so they decided to bring it back next year to re-visit the 12 on a 10 scale for intensity. Recall the Kazaar is an all-Robusta blend that seeks to minimize the rubbery off flavors that come with high Robusta content, while delivering the punch of espresso flavor that is associated with Robusta; Maximize the good while limiting the bad.

Nespresso announced the news just hours ago on the Nespresso FB page, with a cool video to support it. I think the video is great, and totally created to hype the news. Kazaar was founded on hype (12 on a 10 scale anyone?), but also backed the hype with a decent product. So here's the start of the 2012 hype machine, and I know I can't wait for the product to back it up.

The Nespresso capsules can be brewed in the newest Nespresso machine, the Nespresso Pixie, the super slim Nespresso Citiz, the Nespresso Essenza C-100 or the Nespresso Le Cube brewers.

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November 15, 2011

Nespresso Variations 2011 Capsules Available Now


UPDATE: See my Nespresso Variations 2011 Review of the Cherry, Dark Chocolate and Vanilla Blossom Espresso Capsules

UPDATE: 2012 Variations are out; See My Nespresso Variations 2012 Full Review

Nespresso has their annual holiday espresso capsules out and they have brought new flavors to the party this year; Vanilla Blossom, Dark Chocolate and Cherry. As always, Nespresso has gone all out to highlight the release of their Variations Capsules and this year is a bit better than most. Go to their Variations website and open the book to learn more. The 3-D pop-up book has a tab for each flavor, that will have you pulling tabs and spinning spinners to see the animations in action.

Vanilla Blossom - A delicate harmony capturing the roundness of the Livanto Grand Cru and the velvety taste of vanilla. A smooth blend distinguished by the light floral notes.

Dark Chocolate - Dark and bitter chocolate notes meet the caramelized roast of the Livanto Grand Cru. A rich combination reminiscent of a square of dark chocolate.

Cherry - The sweet and fragrant notes of ripe cherries awaken the toasted ones of Livanto Grand Cru. Together they create a fruity and full-flavores taste.

Learn More at the Nespresso Variations Site

Variations are available for order at the Nespresso Club

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September 25, 2011

Review: Capsul'in Empty Nespresso Compatible Capsules


Capsul'in is the first empty Nespresso compatible capsule that works in the full line of Nespresso machines that I have used. The Ne Cap design does not work in the Nespresso Citiz and the Nespresso Pixie machines that used a new design standard for the capsules which included a raised ridge at the base of the Nespresso capsule. The Capsul'in design also features a raised ridge on the base of the capsule, making it work well with the newest and currently most popular machines that Nespresso has to offer.

Capsul'in Left, Necap on the Right - the ridge around the Rim of the
Capsul'in makes it compatible in the
newest Nespresso Machines

The Promise of Nespresso Compatible Capsules

The promise of empty Nespresso Compatible Capsules is that users can take advantage of the amazing simplicity of the Nespresso machine design, its consistent quality and its convenience to brew up capsules filled with your own favorite espresso blend in a more economical way. Other empty Nespresso compatible designs have offered some savings and have delivered on the ability to use your favorite espresso blend, but as far as capturing the convenience of the Nespresso machine system, they fell short. I didn't think hauling my old Nespresso Essenza out of the basement very convenient, and given the popularity of the newer machines, I found that I just couldn't get behind the idea.

Having universal compatibility, the Capsul'in system has promise and was worth trying.

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September 21, 2011

Nespresso Lattissima+ (Plus) - One Button Latte Machine in New Smaller Size


Nespresso has been pushing (down) the limits on small size brewers with the Citiz and then the Pixie introductions in the last few years, but they are now reapplying that capability to a fully automatic espresso and steamed milk machine that can crank out Lattes and Cappuccinos with the push of a button. The newly designed Nespresso Lattissima+ is a small, full featured brewer that uses the familiar Nespresso capsules, fresh milk and some incredible engineering to crank out cafe style drinks in short order. The result is a machine that is about the same depth and height as a Nespresso Pixie and only about two Pixies wide. (It would fit perfectly on my counter - we're working on getting a review unit in.)

Brews and steams milk directly into the Mug.

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