Review: Nespresso Dhjana Limited Edition Grand Cru


Nespresso has a long tradition of issuing limited edition capsules that tend to experiment with various themes or delve into new territory that push the envelope for flavor, or distinct character. A study in contrasts can be seen in last year's Kazaar (Kazaar Review), an "11 on a 10 scale" for intensity of an all-robusta blend and Onirio (Onirio Review), a lightly roasted, delicate as a flower blend that was anything but intense in its punch, but formidable in its flavor.

With the launch of the Nespresso Dhjana, their sustainability message escorts the new capsule blend to market. The coffee is 100% sustainably sourced, with a goal of soon having all of Nespresso's coffee procured in the same way. It's been a long term project for them to build a better supply chain and in doing so, assuring high quality coffee through high ad low harvest years.

Dhjana is a blended espresso that has a very classic approach; add a few parts bold, and slightly acidic coffees, and build flavor profile as well as overall impact by adding back a little bit of Robusta. Nespresso has done this with Colombian, Costa Rican, Brazilian and a little bit of Indian Robusta. We got ours on day 2, and have been drinking it regularly, and have blasted through a couple of sleeves already.

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September 12, 2011

Nespresso Dhjana Ships Today


UPDATE: See our Review of Nespresso Dhjana

Nespresso's Limited Edition Dhjana will be shipping today, as Nespresso has already started its world wide rollout of the newest capsule. Focused on sustainability, the message around Dhjana is that the coffee beans for this blend area from Nespresso's Ecolaboration project where their coffees are farmed in a way that makes economic and ecological sense for the entire value chain.

The flavor story is one of classic balanced espresso with Brazilian, Costa Rican and Columbian Arabicas, balanced with a hint of Robusta from India. Roasted and rated an "8" on their intensity scale of 10, this should be an exciting one.

The above image is from overseas, look for a re-do this morning in the US, that will allow you to oder the newest Nespresso variety; Dhjana.

You can brew Nespresso Dhjana on any Nespresso capsule machine, including their smallest machine the Nespresso Pixie, or their equally thin machine the Nespresso Citiz. Don't have one? Check out Nespresso's store on eBay for great deals on reconditioned Nespresso machines.

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September 1, 2011

Nespresso Limited Edition Grand Cru: Nespresso Dhjana

Nespresso Limited Edition Dhjana

Photo: Sara Van de Velde

UPDATE: See our Review of Nespresso Dhjana

Nespresso will be releasing their Dhjana Limited Edition Grand Cru, and it sounds like it will be a complex blend of several varieties that sound pretty enticing. The strong blend (an "8" on the Nespresso Intensity Scale), will be a blend of Arabica coffees from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica and a Robusta from India. The Indian Robusta should provide enough kick to make it a full bodied strong flavored blend that balances out the acidity from the Colombian and Costa Rican coffees.

Nespresso is touting their sustainable coffee production platform with this launch citing that all of the coffee is sourced from a new "AAA" program called Ecolaboration. The program offers financial and training assistance so that small farmers can grow high quality coffees in a sustainable manner. By 2013, Nespresso has pledged to get all of its coffee from the program. Clearly, it's a tough job and one that has a long investment cycle, because they started the program about a decade ago.

Look for more news on Nespresso Dhjana in the coming days. We have confirmed with a representative of Nespresso that the release in teh US will be on September 12th.

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August 29, 2011

Brown Cafe - Nespresso Compatible Capsules


Yet another Nespresso knock-off is hitting the market (read up about a few other Nespresso Compatible Contenders), this one in France, with a line of four espresso varieties. The four versions are currently available in France, sold through a series of shops, from a light decaf to an intense variety that is said to be of an Italian style. Rounding out the line is a medium bodied "Prestige" and a balanced variety that mixes Arabica and Robusta for a flavor that's right down the middle.

We'll keep an eye on this to see if they come to the US.

more at Brown Cafe

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August 26, 2011

Nespresso Makers in Hotel du Vin Rooms


For travelers to the UK's Hotel du Vin line of hotels, starting soon, you'll be able to wake up and smell the Nespresso in your room. The chain of fourteen boutique hotels is adding new Nespresso Citiz Titanium makers to each room, backing them with a few capsules that span the range of varieties, including: Arpeggio, Fortissio Lungo, Livanto (My current fav), and Decaffeinato Intenso.

This has got to be a good deal for Nespresso too, as the boutique hotel lines up well with their brand image, and the clientele must be a good match for Nespresso's target audience. With thousands of hotel visitors a night, that kind of exposure has got to be good, never mind the consumption of capsules.

So, I wonder if the Hotel du Vin is going to see the rate of shampoo and soap theft drop while the Nespresso capsule supply gets hammered after everybody tries them in-room?

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August 24, 2011

L'Or EspressO Capsules Reach $100Mil Sales Mark


For the Nespresso-geeks out there, the Nespresso machine compatible L'Or EspressO capsules have hit a sales mark that is worth mentioning (or at least putting out a press release on....see below), after selling $100 million dollars. The capsules fit the broadly accepted Nespresso line and are for sale in 15,000 outlets across France, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands (marketed as L'aRome EspressO in the latter three countries).

I talked with Sara Lee earlier this year about the L'Or EspressO capsules, and while things are going well in Europe, they didn't have any plans to come to the US that they would share with me at the time.

Full press release after the jump.....

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August 15, 2011

Nespresso Pixie Ad for the iPhone (iAd)

If you've been surfing around the web on your iPhone, you may have run into the ad below for the Nespresso Pixie, the latest espresso brewer from Nespresso. The small brewer is juxtaposed with a hummingbird in the ad, and that's about right from my point of view. In my Review of the Nespresso Pixie, I noted the small size and the innovation of a light channel to determine wanter level and send you a red light signal on the front of the Pixie to let you know that it is time to refill the machine.

Of course the machine runs on the Nespresso capsule system, which is a pretty diverse set of capsules that are refreshed with seasonal favorites a couple of times a year. So far this year, they've put out the Nespresso Limited Edition Onirio, a light roasted capsule that offers a few layers of flavors even in an espresso format.

Check out the Nespresso Pixie iAd below.

Nespresso - PIXIE iAd from Soleil Noir on Vimeo.

Via Coffee Machine Reviews UK

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July 27, 2011

Free Nespresso Capsules from Outpresso


Outpresso is the press that helps you recycle your used Nespresso capsules. With a quick press, the used espresso grounds are pressed out of the capsule, and captured for you to dump in your compost pile. The pressed aluminum is ready to rinse and recycle. We reviewed the Outpresso earlier this year, and liked it a lot.

Well the Outpresso people are offering up free Nespresso Capsules to lucky winners who sign up for their regular drawing. Are you lucky enough to win a few free capsules?

More at "Save the Planet" Nespresso® Capsule Giveaway

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July 19, 2011

Capsul' in - Nespresso Compatible Capsules

Finally, someone was able to offer a Nespresso compatible capsule that allows users to fill the capsule with their own favorite coffee and use it on any Nespresso machine. Most people assume that these empty capsules are usable on all Nespresso machines, but they are not. Sadly, Ne Cap capsules don't work on my Nespresso Pixie; the newest and potentially the most popular to date Nespresso machine on the market.

The Capsul' In capsules are made of plastic, take a few seconds to fill with finely ground coffee and seal with an adhesive foil disk. Drop it in a machine and go. The result? See for yourself in the video below.....

Currently available in Europe, more info can be seen at their website:
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May 26, 2011

Nestle Launches Nespresso-Like Machine for Babies


Nestle announced the BabyNes machine for sale in Switzerland that is a reapplication of single serve coffee technology to make infant formula. The BabyNes promises to make baby formula from single serve capsules, right into the bottle at the perfect temperature. The line of 6 capsules offer a customized nutritional profile for each stage of the baby's development. The BabyNes costs about $285 while the capsules cost about $2 each bottle (fill size ranges from about 3 oz to 8 oz depending on the capsule).

So I know that this is pretty far afield from espresso, but the reapplication of the Nespresso machine to Tea with the Special-T capsule-based tea brewing machine, and now this makes me think that someone at Nestle HQ is searching for the next Nespresso-like mega-success.

So, I wonder what the baby equivalent is of a Single Origin Specialty Coffee Capsule, or maybe the Kazaar Extra Strong capsule? An no, like most Nespresso machines, the BabyNes does not come with a frothing wand.
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